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  1. I think something's wrong lately, it usually real fine for me to do boating from my home to the Blake Sea. Now i can't cross more than 4 sims without ending in some void. I use the same well made low script boat, with with minimum attachments set for sailing, i test my internet connection and cant find anything wrong with it. So it's the same boat, same attachment, and relatively same internet connection with awful results in sim crossing. Until a few days ago me and most of my friends list experiencing a hard time to log in, and some weird happenstance with objects and attachments when we finally got inworld, and now this..
  2. One of its kind. This luxurious property offers you an unobstructed sunset view with direct access to the Blake Sea. Full furnished with tons of high quality animations, you and loved ones will have a gracious waterfront living in this private sanctuary. All for only 549 L / week. No promo price, no fuss, no rules. It's all yours to enjoy. Special features: Direct access to the Blake SeaProtected Linden ocean right in front of your homeFacing West. Yes, it's just you and the sunsetLuxurious all mesh beach house, swimming pool, and furnitureFull furnished with extra 132 prims for your toysFree Jetski rezzer for you and your guestsAbility to set your parcel media & securityFriendly management. We basically hate rules so we wont apply much on you. Just don't burn the house or anything :) Stop reading and grab it here while it's still available. Cp: Eelijve Allen for assistance. See you there.
  3. We have few seafront chalets for rent, already full furnished with generous 200 extra prims for you to decorate and moor your boats. You can sail directly from your future home to the Blake Sea, all for only 299/ week. No promo price, no fuss. You will get: Your own parcel (not skyboxes), with the freedom to set your own media and privacyFree access to the Blake SeaFixed pricing, no promo, no hidden extraLow lag residential in a rare 2-side protected mainland sim, on the East and South side of our sim is Linden OceanChance to use your own building, had it met with our managerial standard and passed the review.Friendly neighborhood Hurry and grab one here, here, and here while they're still available :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Don't hesitate to contact us; Catalina Glasswing, Maggie Thunder, and Eelijve Allen for further information. See you there :matte-motes-grin:
  4. Thank God for your post. This is exactly my problem today after updating my AMD driver. Now i'm turning off the hardware skinning, i can see all the rigged mesh now, but things look really ugly. I think i'd rolled back using the old driver. Thank you.
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