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  1. I would assume that something you are wearing, that is prim, is not showing up in the database properly, or in the normal time limit, so you are getting that error. It could also be that once it trys several times, the object properly rezs so the errrors stop. I would suggest that you make a backup of you avatar as it currently is using appearance > make outfit. The remove everything, hair and all, logout, login, and then attach each item until you get the error. When you find the item, rez a copy if possible, take the copy, then delete the original. Rezzing causes LL to assign a new UUID to the item.
  2. As I mentioned in another thread - please do not forget, if you rent, or purchase land on a private estate, which is really the same as renting no matter what anyone calls it, you are dealing with another resident. If you have a problem, you are on your own. You have no recourse within SL and Linden Lab will not get involved in resident to resident disputes. While I know there are plenty of good reputable landlords in SL, you have only to browse these forums for a bit to see how many problems arise because of landlords selling their lands, losing the land for lack of tier payment, booting people off lands without refunds, allowing unreasonable resource use by one resident that makes a sim or parcel unusable to the other renters... etc. etc. Being a premium account holder and purchasing mainland, especially at the current bargin prices, can be a very good decision.
  3. Farrah Foss

    Selling an item

    Then click on the contents tab and use the permissions there to set all the scripts and animations to the same Copy, Modify. If you put a full perm animation in a box that is No Transfer, yes, they can drag it out and transfer it. So you need to also set the contents. Just be happy you are doing this now that we have that option. Used to be you had to remember to do as you put scripts in, or go through every prim in an object and check.
  4. However, they will not transfer USD back to a credit card. They can be transfered to a bank account or to a PayPal account. Credit Card laws do not allow funds to be transferred to an account unless those funds were originally withdrawn from that account and the transaction is a refund. That is not a Linden Lab policy, it is a US Banking regulation.
  5. Don't forget fees and exchange rates when you sell Lindens, the amout you receive is less than the straight exchange rate.
  6. Temp objects can be useful, for example rezzing parts of a vehicle so it can be seen before you sit on it and wear the high prim piece. (But please do not leave the vehicle sitting out rezzing the pieces over and over.) Bullets, arrows, things like that are set to temp so they don't litter the landscape. But the way they work makes them really only useful for certain items for several reasons. 1. Many of the scripts do not work very well. They let the timer for temp objects remove them and just keep rezzing new ones. That timer does not operate on a set time, it is approximately 1.5 min., so, often you will have more than one of the objects rezzed. A good temp rez system requires you to place a script in the object so that it can be killed just before the new one is rezzed. Now you have added a listener and you are removing and adding the object to your sim on a set timer. It works better for viewing, but definately causes lag. 2. You can not use them for anything you interact with because when the object dies and is rerezzed, the sim sees it as gone and the interaction ends. So, if you are sitting on it, you will unsit. If you use it for a house, you will fall through the floor on a regular basis. If you have a physical object setting on the temp object, like a bridge, it will fall through it or shoot off in some random direction when the object rerezzes. 3. No matter how good the script is, from time to time the object will flicker. 4. They cause a lot of lag when used with high prim objects. If you just have to use one for your big decoration, at least try to find one that only works when you are on your parcel and doesn't lag everyone else all the time you are not there. If it is for something like a high prim statue, think about one of the 3d statues that use a particle system or a scuplted low prim version. For a large high prim tree, replace the tree with a newer sculpted low prim version or remove something else. They are great for things like temp rezzing parts of a vehicle so it can be seen before you sit on it and where the high prim piece, but please do not leave the vehicle sitting out rezzing the pieces over and over. Bottom line, temp rezzing objects can be useful, but please do not do it to get around prim limits, it will, in the end, come back to haunt you.
  7. Sorry Faubio, that is incorrect. Temp objects do not count against a parcels prim allowance. Try it, check the number of prims on a parcel, rez a box, set to temp, and quickly look at your prims again. You will see it has not changed.
  8. If you have modify permission, and there is a script in the prim that does not do anything else like, like sit, just delete it, then jump to the Script part below. Most often ppl name hover text scripts, hover_text, floating text or something similar. Look for that if there are multiple scripts. Remember in a multiprim object (link set) the text script may not be in the root prim, it may be in a daughter prim so it ends up above the object. -------- Script Part ----------- Create, either in your inventory and drag into the object or use the New Script button, a script called Kill Text. In that script put the following: default { state_entry() { llSetText("", <1,1,1>, 1.5); } } Thats it. The little script will kill your hover text.
  9. Bet that got a lot of imaginations going....
  10. At this point, I can only suggest you open ticket on this. Clearly there is a problem with your account and its relationship to the asset servers in some way. I wish I could offer more help, but I since your alt can save a file, it is not an issue with the cache folder, which was confirmed when you changed them. It is not account info on your side since you deleted that folder as well. To me that leaves only something on LL's side. I could not find anything in the JIRA on this issue, but that doesn't surprise me, I have trouble finding stuff I put there. Pretty useless in my opinion. I sure hope they can help you solve the issue. It would be nice if after you get a responce from LL you post back here so we can see what the issue was.
  11. I need to look into this a bit more before I can add anything. One other trick you might is to go into the path c:\users\<yourname>\appdata\roaming\secondlife\ and delete the folder for the avatar having issues. The client will recreate the folder when it starts, but some preferences will get erased and have to be reset, like popups. Its the only suggestion I have now.
  12. There definately seems to be an issue with the way the viewers are saving to the cache folders. Just for grins, try this, worst case it might give us some more info. Go to c:\users\<yourname>\appdata\local\secondlife\ and create a sub folder called 123_cache and one called v2_cache. You will need to be able to see hidden and system folders to get there. Then in SL Viewer under Preferences > Network point the viewer's cache storage to the matching folder. Then restart SL, either viewer and try saving a script. Let us know if you get the same error and if the path to the file is different.
  13. It appears to be looking in your cache folder for some sort of temp file. However, I have looked in the folders and no matter what I do with a script, there is never a .lsl script in the cache folders. I also tried editing a script while monitoring the cache folder and did not see a file created. Wish I could be more helpful, but I do not understand why it is looking in the cache folder to start with. I have never seen this issue.
  14. First off, I need to agree that the process for getting USD out of your account is fairly clearly spelled out, and being upset about that process only screws with your serenity and will do nothing to make the situation better. Quite the contary, you post here in an angry and advesarial bent and you get angry and advesarial responces. That said, the rules regarding getting USD out of your account really have nothing to do with LL. US credit regulations allow funds to be added back into a debit / credit card or credit card only account only when that amount was originally withdrawn from the account by a purchase. Example: You purchase an item using your card and decide to return it, that amount can be placed back into the account (reversed). However, funds can not be placed into the credit card account unless there is a matching purchase. Visa / MasterCard Debit Cards actually draw against your bank balance instead of a credit line, but otherwise the same rules apply. Precharged cards are the same as Visa / MasterCard Debit Cards. When you charge them up, you're putting funds into an escrow account, not into the card. DR Dahlgren had a good solution if it is available in your country. PayPal offers MasterCard Debit cards that you can use to withdrawn funds from your account and they pay a cash back bonus if used as a Credit Card where you do not enter a pin. This can quickly offset fees charges substanially. I receive 1.5% back so I end up getting my merchant style use of PayPal for only 1.5%, much less than any traditional CC Merchant account. LL makes a substanial income from the trade in Lindens. This has never been hidden. The Lindex operates like any currency exchange. When you sell or buy you pay or receive a value different from the actual exchange rate. That fee is used to offset exchange costs, protect against market fluctuations and make a profit. Banks, currency exchanges etc all do the same. The fees charged to place funds in a PayPal account are minimal and don't change based on amount, so its better to save up your dollars and transfer as much as possible. Micro transfers will cost you more in the end because of fees. The problem for PayPal users is that PayPal operates differently in different countries based on local rules, where LL operates on US law. When I transfer funds from PayPal to my linked bank account I do not get charged, and do not get charged fees by PayPal on LL payments to my PayPal. I don't know how they charge users in other countries. I do however get charged approxmately 3% on funds from eBay and similar uses. Money from friends or personal transactions are not charged either as long as the payor designates them properly when they pay me. So to sum up, LL makes money buying and selling Lindens. They charge a fee to deposit funds back into a PayPal or bank account to offset costs. While they used to offer to send you a check (for a $15 USD charge) I believe the only method now to withdraw USD from your SL account is to use PayPal or have it deposited to your bank account. Like it or not, believe it fair or not, that is simply the way it is. Use it or don't, thats your choice. But in this particular case I do not see where LL is doing anything to be angry with them about. The rules were there to read before you used the system.
  15. The following applies to Mainland only. You do not OWN land on private sims unless you own the sim. There is no real benefit to deeding a private sim parcel to group ownership and most sims owners who "sell" or rent land to not allow it. There are several benefits to a group owning land, the 10% bonus is one of them. If a group has multiple premium members, they can each contribute their 512 tier free land to the group. Non premium members do not have this to give and they can not directly contribute tier since they can not own land. Setting up permissions for the land can be tailored for group members when used for rentals, but this can be done by using the Set to Group and group ownership is not required. To me, the big benefit is the land bonus. This can really add up as not only do you get 10% more land for the same price, but land = prims.
  16. Thats just lame. Put the demos in a decorated prim, set For Sale for L$0 and sell contents. Why use a scripted vendor to hand out freebies?
  17. Many demo vendors (not on XStreet but inworld) refund the L$1. They are clearly using the money to help in tracking. I don't have a problem with that, but lately the trend to charge for everything from group membership to demo pacs seems to be getting out of line. LL has apparently stated that selling an item inworld below L$10 is the same as giving it away, so people who wholesale resell freebies stay off the radar if they charge L$10 or less. Reselling freebies, charging for passage across a parcel, charging for demos, highly overpriced houses and objects, seems like some people simply do not have a clue.
  18. You make robots or other objects move by scripting each of the prims to move in a pattern or designated way. Not hard, but can be kind of complex. As to making a robot grab an avatar, no, you can not. You could have it close its arms around the spot the avatar is standing, but not actually grab them. A sensor could get you the position and then your own script could move the robot. You might check XStreet or in world for Puppet scripts. There are several systems for sale. Most have free trials or free for personal use versions.
  19. What an arrogant and assumptive answer. How dare you..... I guess if all I did was wander around Zindra, I might like V2 it too. However, I have been building in SL since 2006 and some of V2 is good, some is okay, and some is really bad. I read through the instructions before I asked my question, but did not see what I was looking for. Shame on me for asking a question in a Forum. They have changed many menus so that things Builders commonly use are now another layer down, they have changed the camera control so that it takes more work to use, etc. Its not just different, its less usable. That big panel on the right is a pain, a major waste of screen realestate most of the time. I find that to continue to work as I have in the past, I have to open a new inventor window to keep it available. I am not so bugged about having to learn new menus and things as I am that once again it is clear there has been little or no resident input on V2. And to force people who have been using a service for 4 years to spend hours digging through documentation just to keep using the service is not the way to do things.
  20. I was able to get both the coordinates and parcel properties icons by right clicking that bar. Thanks God I hate this thing. Trying very hard to keep an open mind, but as it is, will never switch to it. Will give up SL first since this viewer makes so much of what I love to do a real chore. To bad really, parts of it are not too bad, but its clear to me that LL did not survey any real users before building this thing.
  21. Viewer Kludge 2 I can not seem to get the basic land information display or coordinates display that show at the top of the screen, and that I use a lot, in 1.23 style viewers to display in V2. (What a POS) Anyone know how to get these displays back? Thanks
  22. The land description is simply something a previous owner has put there. You can change that on land you own. You can put mainland to any use, commercial, residental, a club, whatever, as long as you purchase it. However, you can not put adult on mainland other than Zindra. Normally there are no covinenants for mainland, but that is the panel to check before you buy. If Lindens have restricted the parcel for some reason, it will show there. That is controlled by the sim owner which for mainland is LL. Hope that helps clarify.
  23. I edited out my list, looks like Dekka has it nailed and more complete than I had.
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