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  1. Guys, this wasn't the account I was on. So thanks for your noble efforts to hunt me down lol. Anyway, someone tipped me off to my Skype account for that avatar, where I had my RL first name listed. I'm just happy that it wasn't some additional information floating out there about my personal life. This scumbag managed to glean my name and my name only. Problem solved. End of issue. Thanks.
  2. Heh, okay Ceka.. Sorry, this is the first time this has happened to me, and I've been here almost ten years. I already suffer from anxiety, so it just made things worse. Not tied to a facebook, no. Meaghan is, but not the account I was on (clearly not using that one on here, in case the stalker is still digging). Anyway I will try to relax and chalk it up to some chance meeting in my past, where the RL name came out. Even if I really don't remember. Thanks.
  3. Alwin, how does that explain how he got my RL information? Please don't give me further grief about my wrongdoing. Do you think I was somehow asking for it? I just want to know if I've overlooked anything, in terms of collecting RL info. Thank you for understanding. Ceka, it's not very common, no.
  4. Oh he's blocked. That doesn't change what happened. I replied to him, yes, but when it became harassment, I went quiet. The block came after he gave me my RL name. Just to clarify. Never talked to the guy in my life, don't know of a single friend (or enemy, for that matter) who would tell this person anything. But thank you for your input.
  5. I recently visited a Safe Hub (I know I know, I was bored) and sat in on some heated conversations. I wasn't a big contributor, just kind of texted to the people around me and had a good laugh. I left, and out of nowhere a guy IMd me a goodbye, which I found odd because I wasn't talking to him at all, but didn't think too much of it. A couple of hours later, he IMs me AGAIN, and I jokingly call him a stalker. Things get really weird from there. He starts talking about (paraphrased here) how I was on the prowl for a booty call and how HE wanted to help me out, and blah blah blah. I told him he was wrong and went quiet, and was JUST about to mute him when he called me by my RL name. Since then, I have not spoken to him, and have filed a report against him under the category of RL information. I am seriously spooked though; upon a thorough google search of my avatar's name, no RL information came up. I am terrified he knows even more. Does his have my phone number? My address? The names of family members? It's really done a number on me, and I've spent hours scouring the forums for any similar situations to this. My question is (and please forgive my naive wording here), is there any kind of underground database, software, spy tools, etc that would give this guy my information? I am tapped into Comcast's randomly generated WiFi (thanks neighbors) so getting my name from the IP doesn't seem likely. I'm just at a loss. Of course, his account is also nearly 12 years old, and perhaps he knows me from an alt. However, even my closest friends on SL don't know my RL information. Any information you guys can provide would be appreciated, and put me at ease. Thank you.
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