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  1. This is cool... Stumbled into this script looking for something else. That is, i need to place anims on a prim, u sit on it or wear it, and then it plays the animation list automatically. With timer, for example: anim1: 5,3s, anim2: 12,13s... etc. etc. I'm not a scripter, so forgive my dumb questions... How difficult it'd be to modify this script to do that? Thanks, if you bother to answer
  2. Hi everyone. I animate dances, using Poser. Have done so a long time without any problems, until recently. So I should know the basics. This bug is all new to me. I have created a 900 frames couples animation in Poser 8. In it, the characters move as they should. But when I export as bvh and upload, the animations start behaving irrationally in such way, that distances are miscalculated: if my avatar should take, lets say, one step forward, the legs move as they should, but the distance covered is not even half of what it should be. So my avatar almost stays stuck at one place, although it should move around. This miscalculating affects only distances forward-backward and sideways: the avatar turns around, pirouettes, just as it should. But the weirdest thing is, the second avatar in the very same poser file, uploads normally! So when I have them dancing together, the other figure is prancing happily around while the other one is staying stuck, sulking, in its place. You can just imagine what the dance choreography for couples looks like in SL *shivers*. I have spent weeks creating this latest animation. When the bug first manifested itseld, I was so upset, nearly tore all the hair out of my head, thinking I'd lose all my hard work. I recently upgraded to Poser 2010 Pro, so I thought thats what caused this behavior. I downgraded back to Poser 8. But nope, that wasn't it. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I searched the net, but found nothing. I have come up with a (hmmm, slim but anyway) workaround. In the very same poser file, where I have my two avatars, male and female, I simply import new SL avatars from Poser library. I copy and paste the animated frames from previously animated figures. Then I export each figure as bvh, and find out which two figures decide to scale distances correctly in SL that given day. Even between different work sessions, this seems to change. It is not a solution, I know, but at least its a workaround. Took me a few very painful hours to come up with that trick. Now I am trying to finish one animation. Currently I have six figures on stage. 4 of them I have hidden, as figures number 4 and 6 seem to behave themselves upon uploading, for the time being. *huge sigh*. So please, help me? Any ideas, anyone? Info, in case you need: I'm on Windows 7, 64 bit. Poser 8. I know all the basics of SL animating, having succesfully created a pile of couples' dance animation for SL, so my T-poses should be all correct, as well as uploading procedure. Thanks a million, you kind soul :) - Maar Auer
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