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  1. I have rerolled it back to v378.92 and did a clean install, I also restarted my modem. I am now able to get back into SL. I hope this helps if anyone else has this issue. Good Luck the new Win 10 Creator's update seems to be causing a lot of headaches. Vamerya Vallejo
  2. I updated Nvidia drivers yesterday to v381.65. I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 model and now all versions of SL are not even able to open. I read I needed to update to the newest Windows 10 Creators update which I did do, still not able to even load SL. I am now trying to roll back to an older driver but trying to find an old driver for them is like pulling teeth. So others might be having this issue. I hope and would appreciate any suggestions you might have to help. Thanks in advance. I've never ever had an issue in all my years playing SL in not being able to even load SL on all versions, so very frustrating. Windows 10 64 bit version. Vamerya Vallejo.
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