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  1. Some positive things happened under his mantle: big prims;more groups; some improvement in chat lag,; much improved border crossings. Some negative things happened: closed JIRA; Greatly degraded communication with the user community, no let me rephrase that, almost a complete lost of communication with the end user community;The sacking of Oskar Linden for ejecting a griefer from the region were a meeting was going on; CHUI; I could go on but I won't. I hope that the next CEO realizes that while the user community is cantankerous and cranky we have a lot of good ideas, and we really do
  2. Second Life 3.6.9 (282535) Oct 18 2013 04:31:50 (Second Life Release) Release Notes You are at xxxxxxxx in Caledon Tanglewood located at sim10005.agni.lindenlab.com ( SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caledon%20Tanglewood/218/73/4001 (global coordinates 231,898.0, 262,729.0, 4,000.8) Second Life RC Magnum Issue occurs with the Current Version of Firestorm and the nightly 64bit version of Firestorm. There seems to be a problem with seeing mesh objects since the restart. Symptoms are as follow: (1) Mesh objects resident in the region don'
  3. Innula Zenovka wrote: The problem is, though, that a lot of people -- rightly or wrongly -- have been using this to get avatars' uuids, as an alternative to databases like w-hat. If it's broken for good, then it's broken for good and we'll have to think of an alternative, but if -- as has happened several times in the past -- it's been broken by accident and LL don't mind fixing it to keep content running, that would be delightful. Either way it would be good to have a definitive answer. I don't want to start rescripting stuff if LL are going to fix the issue in the next day or so. B
  4. Ceka Cianci wrote: it sure beats the CEO before him.. I haven't really spent time on here since late spring maybe early summer.. but from what I remember before I left,..it was better than being under M's reign.. Anything is better than M. There is a joke about the Imperial German General Staff. There are four kinds of officers, Smart and Energetic, these must be drafted to the Staff; Smart and Lazy, these are our combat commanders the get things done at the least cost in material and men; Stupid and lazy, well we can always find places to put these people to work, under proper
  5. 16 wrote: in terms of fixing ancient bugs and completing half-made functions then i think he has done good. he promised us this when he first came he change the codey culture in the company. from do whatever you want that makes you the codey personally happy. to: fixit fixit fixit fixit fixit i think that upset a lot of codeys on the inworld side of things. not being able to work on whatever they liked. and now have to grind it fixing all the past stuff they half-made broken Surely you jest. You can count the number of longstanding bugs that have been fixed since Rodvik joined on
  6. Many years ago I worked in a Mail order & Retail (over the counter) hobby shop -model Aircraft, engines and Radio-controls. The company was owned by a medium sized regional toy store chain. Although the Profit margin was slightly lower on the hobby business the return rate was almost 0%, unlike the toy business were it was ~15%. Non the less the people who ran the toy part were constantly bitching about the hobbyists 'wasting' the sales-clerk's time. Clearly a case of management not understanding the customer. Now LL is being run by a fellow from EA Games (that is to say, the to
  7. Seriously? This is going to make things better? Can you say "The Linden's have jumped the shark."? I knew you could.
  8. Things have changed greatly since this was first posted. On thing to note is that the bulk of the packets sent and received by your viewer are UDP/IP (no end to end tracking of packets at the OS level) not TCP/IP (end to end packet tracking and retransmission as needed). UDP packets if dropped are usually lost. Other changes Textures and Inventory are now sent via HTTP (which is a TCP/IP protocol) however this causes some issues with some network hardware (routers and cable modems) because of the very high TCP connection churn (connections created and deleted very rapidly). There
  9. Check that you have hardware skinning , (and avatar cloth) turned on.
  10. At Andrew's OH today: [12:15:36] Simon Linden: Tomorrow Magnum will be updated with a bug fix for that group notice problem... So yes SVC-7845 did get addressed.
  11. It's still a PITA, even at 20 seconds per item (one needs to be careful after all)
  12. Clear as a bell. Thank you very much.
  13. They have stated the the release will be only for DD. What they are asking is do you see any other usage that will make things easier. Give them a break, we won.
  14. Don't expect to hear from them early on. They need to digest these reponses. Edit: fixed typo
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