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  1. Thank you! The green happened by accident when I was playing around with the curtains. I'm happy with how it turned out.
  2. This thread is amazing! I am so excited about my little Linden Home, that I feel the urge to share as well. So here it is: The way to Liv I took the pics in a small resolution, but you'll get the idea
  3. Thank you! Feel free to come by if you ever need to borrow some sugar
  4. Thank you! It's nothing "fancy", no waterfront or anything, but I'm over the moon with it! I've always lived in family communities, so I don't mind being on a busy street at all. Maybe down the road I might try and snag up something else, but for the coming time, I'm going to settle down here
  5. I got one! I got one! I got one! I got one! Someone just abandoned their home on Rothacker. I'm going to check it out now! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. If you abandon it for me to grab, I'll let you bunk with me until you get that houseboat
  7. Fair enough. It's not my taste either. Getting slightly attached after looking at it for 9 hours though.
  8. Sidenote: is that Grayson house growing on you guys too? Or is it just me? 😂
  9. Okay, it sounds like you're the one to ask: can you get me one too? 😉
  10. Can I come with if I bring copy sleepingbags? Just until we all find our own place... of course
  11. She probably has nerves of steel. I got so excited, my hand started to tremble, which gave me trouble clicking the accept button. I am not made for this 🤣🤣 Congrats to her though!!! 😁
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