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  1. Beta means that they can issue updates. It by no means guarantees that they will. The product is functional, and most customers have no complaints. It is by no means inexpensive to buy, of course, but we all have choices.
  2. If you want to generalize, then Second Life is a Front Porch. You can choose to play a game of checkers, or strip poker, for that matter, or you can choose to sit there and socialise. Or not. The people who treat it like a game, who either think there are rules, or try to bring their own - something I've Benin guilty of myself, in the past - they usually want it to be a game so that they can cheat. It's just best to avoid them.
  3. One thing I will mention is that in all of the areas that count, an i5 intel chip is every bit as good as the newer i7s. Hardly any games or other applications take advantage of i7 architecture yet That having been said, the decent i5 chips cost just as much. A lot of people are very happy with less expensive AMD setups, which usually run cooler than Intels in laptops.
  4. The first thing you ought to do is to confirm that you can log in from another machine. If you don't have one handy, go to Best Buy or Staple's, log in as Administator, by using password 'trs80' and then download some viewer that people have heard of. But considering the graphics card, it's pretty much certain to be an ATI driver issue.
  5. The responses that your post is getting are perhaps more telling, more valuable than the answers to your questions might have been. I'm not sure what, if any value this kind of research could bear. I would be happy to help, but for the fact that I no longer log in on a daily or sometimes even weekly basis. The developers have slowly killed off ever source of joy that SL once had for many of us.
  6. First, check the ABOUT LAND, and make sure that the correct person is listed as an owner. Then go into the View in the menu and check off View Transparent Objects - someone might be playing games with you by loading you down with a lot of invisible junk. The landlord should be able to fix pretty much any problem quickly and easily.
  7. Since the very beginning of Second Life nVidia has always been better about fixing issues which come up with running SL on one of their cards. I remember when I startedin April, 2003 I was using a 440MMX nVidia card and it was great - after I learned how to install new drivers! Since then I've used both - mainly because the ATI cards are more commonly found and run a good bit cooler in laptops. Maybe it's me, but I dont like the way the ATI cards run SL nearly as much. nVidia seems to give me a better and usually faster experience. I also never liked ATI's customer service and I don't like the
  8. That depends. If they tricked you into revealing the password, or you had a remotely legitimate reason to let them have access - like they were supposed to work on your avatar or maybe were helping you modify something without permissions - then contact Customer Service and give it a shot. If you just let them borrow it for no good reason, write it off, move on and consider it a lesson learned cheaply. In any case, if you don't recover it, try to contact anyone you have to to let them know that's not you, anymore!
  9. Linden Lab ended the Enterprise program, where corporations and government agencies could host their own servers, but it was awfully expensive. I think they will eventually free things up, but in the meantime a server in open sim is a great idea - unless you are a social person. Most of the people you run across in open sim are not all that sociable and there are still few activities outside of the educational sims.
  10. You could start by contacting the person who made the skin, explain the situation and see if they offer or can make a hairbase-free version. It is very common to get skins both with and without hair, so they should be willing to do it.
  11. A big part of the experience is finding a community you feel comfortable with and fun tings to do. I would take part in some of the hunts that content creators and merchants do. It's fun finding the prizes, a great way to explore, find new places and stores, and get nice free stuff for your avatar and home. You also make a lot of friends along the way.
  12. You could get a friend with a newer computer to download the viewer - and maybe join, themself! - and log in your account from their machine the 1st time. If you go to Staples and tell them you want to make sure that it works before you buy a new computer they will probably let you DL a Second Life viewer. It's possible to have fun with an older or lower end computer if you minimise the draw distance, turn off fog, clouds and water, reduce the particles to a minimum. Depending on where you are, turning off alpha can speed things up a lot too. You can also turn off the rendering of things you d
  13. If any representatives of non-profits or educational groups want an office on the OS Grid, I have nine regions and a sandbox and I can provide you with free land to use as a mirror facility, refugee camp or whatever you please while you explore all of your many options. I can help you get set up with textures and/or building assistance, as well. Just contact me in SL or on the OS Grid. I still think that this is going to blow over and maybe even prove a blessing, and that Second Life is our best option in many ways but it never hurts to have a PLAN B. If nothing else it's very nice to see all
  14. Oh, they are responding; they're just using their alts to do it. Very old trick with Linden Lab staffers. All of the trashing of alternative venues, that's not the truthful response of anyone who has logged into them lately.
  15. Taking into consideration the number of educational groups that have ALREADY moved to Open Sim, wouldn't it maybe make more economic sense to LOWER the rent on all sims? People are always going to be willing to pay a premium to maintain property on the Second Life grid, but when you can rent an entire sim with 30,000 prims on the Open Sim grid for sixty bucks a month, well, nobody is going to throw their money away forever.
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