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  1. I am Briggs, Nigerian. 8+ years on SL.

    A little disappointed about not finding people from my continent on SL. I guess the requirements of a Good Computer and unlimited internet is still a luxury for most.
    Fortunately my work-at-home job online (ICT support, Pro-Blogger and now Cryto-asset management/trading) affords me the luxury. 

    Gave up trying to meet people on SL and build friendships a long time ago when all the public hangout spots died and got filled with bots. Will love to see all that change or get recommendations to cool places i can people watch lol.
    Spend most days on SL finding upcoming events and attending. Extensive music library got me DJing for a club or two - Nothing else has really stuck. Really open to new experiences.

    I believe in spending linden on SL earned from SL - if that makes any sense but SL jobs ain't worth the time so my avatar looks like i've been here a week. lol
    When i'm not on SL, i'm busy watching netflix, youtube or digging myself out of Bronze 5 in League of Legends. - #VideoGameIsLife even for a 33 year old.
    No RL attachments or responsibilities so i guess you could say - I'm a free spirit  

    Always wanted a pet - never had one (tenancy agreement forbids it) - so sad right?

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  2. If you're roaming SL with no mission, no vision, no fun, no friends or any form of "real" interaction/connection with other users for months / years - this would be the best idea to get involved in.

    I applaud it and would be interested (experienced) but i'm not on much these days

  3. You're in the right spot.

    Look through advertised positions on the inworld employment section of this forum and submit some applications if you meet their requirements.

    Searching the classified Ads section in the Game can help too.

    Welcome to SL

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