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  1. Thanks Cinnamon, tried Chrome and that did the trick!
  2. I've repeatedly tried upgrading to a Premium Account (wanting to take advantage of the 50% off deal that ends tomorrow). When I click on the Upgrade button next to the membership I want, it takes me to an Invoice page. The page correctly displays both the details of the membership plan that I have selected and my payment info. However, when I click the "Buy Now" button, nothing happens. No error codes or messages, it just hangs. I've tried signing on and off, closing and opening my browser, rebooting my computer, nothing seems to be helping. My payment info on file is correct and up to date and has succesfully been used before to buy linden dollars, so it must be working. I don't know if this is a problem with the website malfunctioning or something within my account that is preventing me from completing the payment (in which case I would expect an error message of some sort...). Anyone have any advice? I hope I can solve this before the discount offer ends!
  3. I've asked this question a few days ago and got some reactions, but I think I didn't specify clearly enough what I wanted to know. My current computer has a GeForce GT230 card in it. I'm looking into buying a new computer, possibly one that has a GT530 in it. I know that's not the best card available and won't have too high expectations, but what I really want to know is how will it perform with SL compared to my old card (since I'm pretty satisfied with that, and it's the only thing I can compare it to). And my second question is: will it be able to run at all, given the driver problems that I've heard about? I don't want to find myself buying a new computer that will be completely useless to me... Thanks!
  4. I'm looking into buying a new computer (desktop) soon. I've got my eye on one that has a GeForce GT530 card and would like to know if there are people who are using that for SL and any experiences they've had, since I'm not technical at all. My demands aren't exceptionally high, I'm curently using a computer that has GeForce GT230 and I'm quite satisfied with how SL runs on that. I've read somewhere (can't remember where) that SL and DirectX 11 isn't an ideal combination, is that true? My current computer is DirectX 10 but the one I have my eye on is DirectX 11.
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