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  1. "Last Thoughts of the Aurochs" Them Aurochs was a rite tuff clan but we Enochs nigh unto rubbed 'em out. That were before I come to the fake world o' Second Life. If'n King Rod done made him a game out'n our war in the hollers then he am okay in my book. PS an' this am a spoiler: I don't know the last thoughts o' no Aurochs, but the last words out o' Zebulon Auroch were "Hey, watch this!" That were the time he strapped what they call a JATO bottle (some sort o' big ol' miltary rocket) to the top o' his '67 Impala SS an' lit the fuse. It were a site to behold. PPS: Miss Keli, you got some
  2. Wilhiam, You am 130% correct. That-there Rowdy Roddy Pipe-Piper feller (or whatever the hell he am called) am the new Mascot fo' SL. You dang self-centered rascals aint' corn-siderin' one thing while you am all tied in knots worrying about them chirren cammin' into yo' fake fap-palaces (I means "homes") in SL. Well, I done got me one of them-there drunk grad students who needed money (I means talented photygraph editurs) to do what you call a "mock up" of a poor young 'un who gits hooked on SL: WHAT WILL SL DO TO OUR CHIRREN?? DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. SL will lead to sin, misery, an' ha
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