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  1. "Last Thoughts of the Aurochs" Them Aurochs was a rite tuff clan but we Enochs nigh unto rubbed 'em out. That were before I come to the fake world o' Second Life. If'n King Rod done made him a game out'n our war in the hollers then he am okay in my book. PS an' this am a spoiler: I don't know the last thoughts o' no Aurochs, but the last words out o' Zebulon Auroch were "Hey, watch this!" That were the time he strapped what they call a JATO bottle (some sort o' big ol' miltary rocket) to the top o' his '67 Impala SS an' lit the fuse. It were a site to behold. PPS: Miss Keli, you got some important hillbilly hair there. Let's go to the Sugar Grove Drive-In in my pickemup truck. That-there new chainsaw movie am rite romantical.
  2. Wilhiam, You am 130% correct. That-there Rowdy Roddy Pipe-Piper feller (or whatever the hell he am called) am the new Mascot fo' SL. You dang self-centered rascals aint' corn-siderin' one thing while you am all tied in knots worrying about them chirren cammin' into yo' fake fap-palaces (I means "homes") in SL. Well, I done got me one of them-there drunk grad students who needed money (I means talented photygraph editurs) to do what you call a "mock up" of a poor young 'un who gits hooked on SL: WHAT WILL SL DO TO OUR CHIRREN?? DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. SL will lead to sin, misery, an' hangin' out wif folks like me (which generally means sin, misery, o' wurse). Think of our chirren! Thank y'all.
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