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  1. I think I'm awake again now... lol Although struggling to understand exactly what you mean (at least the sea background bit). The way that works right now is that the whole map has a background of that colour (it's actually marked as "SL_OCEAN_COLOR" in the CSS file that comes with the Map API examples etc), so when my server generates the map tiles for other zoom levels (which obviously contain more than one region each) I've made it use that as the background colour for the image too, so that any "gaps" in the tile where there isn't a region there look the same as the rest of the empty
  2. Just a quick update for everyone: I've just finished doing a load of work on the backend of the map page. You may or may not notice a difference, but the whole thing should be a lot more efficient now, so hopefully it'll be faster in at least some cases... and as a result of that, I've also tentatively enabled another further out zoom level. Bear in mind that it will still take a while to load things at that level though (especially for areas that no one has loaded at all yet, if there are still any by this point) just because of the sheer number of individual map tiles that my server has to d
  3. ...well that sounds a bit like some of the stuff I already had in mind I just wasn't sure if that many people would be interested in that sort of thing once the standard World Map is back to its full functionality. I'm not sure what exactly "community overlays" would be either, but it sounds like something that would allow people to create their own layers of stuff to be displayed on top of the map? That seems like it would need a lot of user interface stuff to make it work, and unfortunately I'm really quite useless at anything graphic designy/user interfacey.
  4. Wow, I hadn't realised that either (I mean, I don't really keep up with what's happening with the Lindens anyway, but had noticed that Oz was the only one who had replied in this thread). From what he said here though, I don't think he was the actual developer working on it. I personally don't think they'll do that. If anything, I think the opposite is more likely - particularly since they put out that "update" a few days ago saying they're still working on it, I think they've probably stepped things up a gear since seeing someone else is doing something, and they're probably going to rel
  5. If they did get rid of the existing system, we'd all be stuffed - the World Map in Firestorm (and I believe all other viewers including the official one) actually uses the same map tile images as I'm using from the Map API (from a slightly different server URL for some reason, but it's serving the exact same images with the same filenames) I actually had a bit of a "eureka" moment a few days ago when I realised this, as I thought it meant it would be possible to replace the server URL with mine (which now provides proper zoomed-out map tiles up to level 3) in Firestorm's debug settings, a
  6. Thanks. That is interesting, I would have thought the caps server would be a definitive source of whether regions exist or not, but according to the Gridsurvey site (which unfortunately is always verrrry slow, so I don't use it much even though it looks like a very useful resource, but that's another question/issue) it hasn't existed since 2009. Does that seem right to you? (I don't know much about the history of this sort of stuff) http://www.gridsurvey.com/display.php?id=69944
  7. Thank you! I really appreciate you saying that. You would think so, but my skills have really been going to waste for years (I can't really do a "normal" full-time job, i.e. one that would require going into an office every day etc, for several reasons). I've actually recently started to feel like I couldn't even do anything useful anymore, couldn't think like I used to be able to etc, so I'm really pleased that people like what I've managed to do here (I think I've always been motivated more by that than by money anyway, really) It is literally costing me (quite a bit of) money every mo
  8. I'm not sure what you mean - as in region names showing on the map where there's no region there at all any more? Can you give me the name of one so I can have a look? In any case, the region names all come from the Second Life "caps" server, as described here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Map_API_Reference Just to let everyone know, I've fixed a few bugs that I've noticed such as region names with dashes or other characters in them being seen as invalid (in trying to validate/sanitise the input, I stupidly followed the Second Life guidelines for region names, which
  9. I've just done another update to the map page (which is now at http://maps.eddyofarrel.com/ for consistency rather than map.eddyofarrel.com, but the old URLs should seamlessly redirect there anyway) The map tiles are now all cached on my server the first time they are loaded, and it now actually generates the tiles for zoom levels 2 and 3 when they are requested (so the browser side now works as it's supposed to, rather than using the fully-zoomed-in images for everything). I haven't (yet) enabled any more further out zoom levels though, because my server would have to load all the f
  10. Yep, that's unfortunately the one thing I can't do anything about, actually getting up-to-date map tiles generated As far as I know (in Firestorm at least, I don't use any other viewers) the minimap is generated in a different way. It seems to use the same tiles from the main map as a base, and then overlays them with some stuff based on what it knows is in the region from actually being there (or connected to it as a neighbouring region). I've just gone to check out Second Norway and found some regions which aren't showing on the map. For example the region Tore - I teleported into the
  11. @AishagainThanks! I don't really feel like I've done that much so far - the zooming part was just a very simple tweak to the existing script and doesn't fix the underlying issue on the server side. I have got a bunch of ideas for ways I could improve it further though, so I'll start working on those tomorrow. As for working with Linden Lab, I'd actually be very willing to help fix this particular issue (i.e. both the zoom levels and the map updating - I know that's more complicated) if they'd give me a chance to (and it does seem like the sort of thing I probably would be able to help wi
  12. I've just had a go at doing exactly that... well, kind of. It's based on the standard Second Life web-based map API, but with a few tweaks (everything beyond the fully-zoomed-in level seems to be non-existent there now). It doesn't actually do any gluing together of images, but it does allow you to zoom further out using the fully-zoomed-in images rather than trying to load the others that don't exist. The disadvantage of that (compared to using specific images for each zoom level as it's meant to) is that it will put a lot more load on your browser (and the server serving the map tiles) the m
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