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  1. Sorry, maybe it's my bad english, but I don't get the point. Some of you don't like meshes because you need external, complicated program for it? Well, first as Jo said, you can use an easy inworld tool to turn all your prim creations into mesh. Next, SL creators have allways used external software for the inworld creation, graphic programs like photoshop for example. And don't tell me that's a cheap and easy-to-use program. The Lindens are not inworld? Oh I think this depends on their job. You can meet them in meetings but also suddenly in your shop Michael Linden for example can be met often inworld. And I think many of them do often, but not with their Linden-Accounts. Yes, I miss the time too, when you talked to a Linden in the Live chat and he or she said "Wait, I'm coming over to help you!" but I also remember when Oskar Linden opened the mesh-volunteers group and asked people to help him reproduce a jira entry.
  2. Well done, Linden! I found one of the portals in the premium sandboxes a few weeks ago and enjoied the game and I still do! It's a funny way to earn some L$ for the newbies and a nice little game for the old ones. You say it looks childish or basic? Well, I think Linden want to show us, what will be possible in the next weeks/ months and it's our turn to create diffrent games with amazing graphics and use this tools in a diffrent way.
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