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  1. Yeah it isnt about laws lmfao its about money getting syphed off duh . Linden taxes Europeans according to their tax laws . When your Eurpean country has a tax rate of example 21 percent linden will charge all your land buys 21 percent extra to abide to that European countries tax law . Linden says its been paid to your European countries government. yeah like hell it is lmfao show me the bill Linden ggg. Thats why there is no competition in land ownership or buisinesses when from outside USA the margins are to small and you get taxed like a mofo by linden . Exactly why i never bought anny land in sl
  2. Usually on mainland its done by dickheads who are after your parcel they put upp obnoctious sht so you move or abbandon/sell it off for a low price . Mainland i call it *****ehole i never ever in all my sl life have seen anything decent there that didnt got ruined . Go look upp Serena estates they have some great maintaned sims homesteads and a great service when it comes to your habitats zero drama there . Or get one of the new linden homes waterfronts they are great all sailable land and houses like the tortuga i really like it there
  3. So here we are after 10/15 years of Secondlife and linden still doesnt do anything about bots griefers and other scumbags. It shows you exactly where linden has its priotities kching . my 2 cents
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