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  1. Try http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Falcata/128/176/23
  2. Falcata 128, 175 1024 land near water on Heterocera continent for 1024 L. 512L.
  3. Osondoson 83, 199 512 water land with one large side bordering Linden protected water and sailable to the ocean of the Jeugeot continent, for 10240L. There is an adjacent 16 sq m I will sell to the new owner for 1 L if desired.
  4. Nope, just set your camera so it doesn’t get blocked by land and then move it sideways using the controls, it will cut through everything. I do this all the time while I’m building or when I’d like to take a look at something I’m too lagged to physically get my avatar to.
  5. My computer is a potato and I can do it, although of course my FPS will then be nothing. I’m still trying to understand why someone camming over and finding my brand name avatar on my brand name furniture is personal enough to warrant all this *modesty*. The avatar mesh is not me, it’s a Barbie doll more or less like everyone else’s. What is specifically me is my avatar name and UUID and no security tool does a thing to hide it. I can see setting an orb to avoid awkward visitors. But that’s a different thing than trying to be somehow hidden. In any sense that has any non-RP meaning, you can’t hide at all.
  6. Or if cheap: fly around with land owners turned on and see if you find a small abandoned lot you like or a good deal on sale. I found two Moderate waterfront lots that way, very very cheap. I use one to rez boats to go in the water around Jeugeot. The other one is in Heterocera not far from a "gas station" on the road where I rez a car.
  7. This really is the way forward. And with a protected layer of air, we can have both planes and skyboxes too. We can even have a skybox that's a helipad! Win all around. Since for whatever reason people don't usually wander at high altitudes, it's much more private up there than on the ground anyhow.
  8. One of the most freeing things about SL for me has been this lack of physical danger. At least while still in SL, you can hang out with anybody doing anything, and I still love that.
  9. If this works for you, go for it. I’m at the opposite pole and a little digging will turn up my RL social media. Most people who have used SL for a RL related reason are in the same situation. Instead I fall back to the level of caution I apply to social media in general. There are a few details of life I don’t post anywhere. Social media is a real problem for anyone who has picked up a stalker. This is definitely an area where the law needs to catch up to reality. SL is actually better than average because we have anonymity.
  10. We’re using a different meaning of “designed.” If Mainland was going to be thoughtfully designed for everyone, it would be a very different kind of software. Instead it started out as a techno libertarian Burning Man sandbox, there’s no way that’s for everyone. There are good reasons why platforms like Facebook and games like WoW can get the mainstream, and SL cannot, even though LL really tried for a while. To my mind the biggest reason is just what SL *is*, a sandbox of mostly uncensored user generated content. The mainstream can’t tolerate this level of choice and self direction. It’s not just prudery, although I’m not sure LL could ever be anywhere other than SF. It’s that the total sandbox and anonymity break down the social cues normies need to navigate. I remember when the idea was being floated to show RL gender on the avatar and the overwhelming rejection of this idea by the residents - except for a very few male presenting avatars using very old fashioned conservative and religious arguments. When many people get thrown into another culture, they don’t know how to act, and if the culture is anarchy there’s no one to ask. Sandboxes are great if you can enjoy the ride, but SL was never going to be a RL dating app and a sandbox at the same time. We still only have social SL as RP by the users.
  11. Thank you, and I agree with your whole post. I once naively thought I could know someone just from SL. But it does hide them from us, and if someone is a bad person we might never know until we experience their RL behavior. Some people live their whole life building up a narcissistic mask. They are often very good at it, and any virtual world is their playground. Normal people do *not* understand how these people work or their potential for deception. LL is definitely no Facebook, for which I’m very grateful.
  12. In practice and for cultural reasons, most of the harassment is aimed at female presenting avatars, but of course sociopathy knows no bounds of gender. I can think of an example right off the top of my head of a male presenting avatar with a male RL user who was RL doxxed by a female user. But this is less common than the opposite, just because the cultural drivers aren’t there. And the culture is one of the things a hacker considers when making a design, or breaking it. You're absolutely correct to say someone near you on Mainland can know exactly where you are even if they can’t see your avatar. So real privacy in this case would be the ability to conceal your avatar name or presence, and we don’t have that. Firestorm, for example, will let me scan and zoom in on avatars anywhere nearby. Additionally, if your main avatar owns the land in its own name, rather than a secret alt or group, you have a sign out that anyone can read. So you want a lot which you have told no one about (at least no one who is not proven super trustworthy) and that’s your downtime home, while the other lot is the one where you entertain and which you tell everyone about. They should be far away from each other and the downtime lot could also be a private estate rental or a high skybox, although, in practice it seemed to me some people used their Linden home for this. The concept here is keeping a secret. And the culture I come from doesn’t really support the idea of women being so self-interested, so we usually wind up learning it the hard way: you *don’t* have to be nice to someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries, you don’t have to be open to strangers. An IP ban, which we don’t have in SL, is a tool you may have seen if you’ve had an RL online store. A website like this can log the IP addresses of every visitor who requests to see the site, and there may be a tool for the store owner to block requests to see the site from an IP address or a range of them. So for example, if a particular ISP in Florida was the location of someone running fraudulent credit card tests, you would ban the whole range of that ISP’s IP addresses from ever loading your store site. If we had this in SL, it could be a form of ignore or a form of banline. But we don’t. Obviously this might turn into a case of whack a mole if a stalker was technical enough to use a VPN, but most of the SL type stalkers probably aren’t. But we don’t have such a tool, so the only way to not be seen in SL is to be at a location you have kept a secret. This includes from whoever you’re SL dating. You don’t know him. And this is where culture comes into play, will you give yourself permission to keep a secret from someone? Because you should. I would also say: if anything makes you embarrassed, don’t put it on the ground on Mainland. I have used silent Visitor Counters for a long time on all my lots. Generally, avatars just passing by on Mainland are on the ground. I rarely see anyone at my skybox with a ten second counter. So that’s where I rez any adult furniture that might make me blush. I might orb a skybox where I’m holding an adult party. But the truth is, it’s still not a secret from my neighbors who are in the next skybox over. This is the other missing feature from Mainland - blocks on camming. We’re not going to get it. I don’t see the point of doing anything in SL that makes you uncomfortable and this is where culture again comes into play. If I’m really too embarrassed to ever be seen on a sex bed or whatever it is, I won’t use one. (I’m not, but that’s me.) The old joke that PG is where the adults are comes to mind. PG with no sex furniture makes a nice downtime home. So we can’t hide an avatar name on Mainland, we can’t stop anyone from getting our coordinates who is nearby, we can’t hide any of our rezzed prims from camming and we can’t keep someone being tossed around by a botched sim crossing or boomeranged by lag from dropping in even if they didn’t want to. For the love of god, why would anyone put adult stuff on the ground on Mainland? Unless they’re me and don’t care other people know they’re there, but Mainland really is not for everyone. By design.
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