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  1. Ah, didn't mean to post twice. I couldn't see what I posted the first time. No worries, I just hope that Firestorm update their Viewer soon then
  2. It's now part of the Official viewer, not just beta anymore
  3. It's now part of the regular SL Viewer very recently
  4. Fitted mesh, not regular mesh. It's a new SL feature newly introduced If it's gone, I'm sticking with FS
  5. I cannot figure out how to have seperate IM windows automatically on Second Life viewer, I have been using Firestorm for a long time now and when I heard that the official viewer had fitted mesh, I downloaded it again. Although you can seperate the IM windows from the tabbed window, its still very messy and nothing at all like it used to be. Remember when IM's would be little boxes to the top right of the screen? and you would just click those and it would bring up the conversation, since downloading the SL viewer recently, its like that feature is gone, am I missing something? I believe what im referring to are called 'open floaters the chiclets' style IM's
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