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  1. Welcome Rod, Hopefully from having a game background you will start pushing some Avatar upgrades for SL, like a decent mesh and better Animations system, even if it means breaking 2003 based content, it is something many people recognise SL by, it's dated avatar appearance. Our economy needs some decent change regularly.
  2. That attitude sir is the biggest danger to the survival of Second Life...more than any other..and it's flat out WRONG on all counts. Rod I hope you don't listen to people like this. He may be a litle extreme but I see the point. The biggest danger to the survival of Second Life was the day they decided to let unverified anoymous accounts to be created at will, the floodgate is still open, it allows Griefing, Scamming, Copybotting and Massbotting to happen on an unlimited scale, it ruined Camping and Traffic. There should be some limitations to unverified accounts, even if PIOF was verificati
  3. Dec 24, 2010 1:06 PM Vixen Quandry says in response to Holocluck Henly: Holo, I agree. For some, it's valid as a game (tho I'd like to know what those who think it a game consider as the goal). The goal is the same as evry other game ever invented........TO HAVE FUN! Welcome Rod, a bit more info on what the team is up to would be good and what is coming so we can prepare for new feaures
  4. Dec 11, 2010 12:24 AM Vivienne Schell says in response to Nathan Zetkin: Yeah, haha. Funny that 70 percent of teh SL userbase is soooo bloody irrational to refuse the adoption of viewer 2. They all must be totally blind, inept, stupid idiots, right? Well considering 37% of the userbase ar bots running bot viewers, I don't find that surprising at all, yeah they pretty much are blind, idept stupid idiots totally incapable of independant thought, and being partially blind I find your assertion offensive The old code is a 2003 based crap ratsnest based on ideas from last century, it's dead an
  5. Dec 6, 2010 3:59 PM Leal Choche says in response to Inara Pey: That is good to hear....the 3rd party viewers making themselves more compatible with the regular 'official' SL viewers. Seeing people standing with things sticking out of their stomach always seems a bit weird. Sad thing is, it wasn't until Emerald and other TPV's started adding features like this that residents had been asking for years earlier that LL actually took it seriously as a wanted feature, then only because they realised there was a possible danger in them losing their viewer market completely to better TPV's with
  6. So when is LL going to regrade all the Mainland PG sims that are surrounded by Moderate sims to Moderate sims? Or are they going to make Moderate sims & content invisible to teens? Common sense says PG Sims should be seperate continents or islands and there also should be seperate Teen rated sims that adults can not enter.
  7. Installed fine over the top of the previous version as usual, no problems. It seems funny that so many people have so many problems with updates, there must be some hardware the viewer just doesn't like. Only thing I can put it down to is having a Nivdia 9800 grapics card otherwise 3 year old computer, XP 4Gb 2.2 dual core.
  8. Nov 6, 2010 1:06 PM Connie McMahon says in response to Sarah30 Sahara: "There used to be several very active, vibrant stock exchanges until LL destroyed the virtual economy by banning banking." There were also a few that did a good runner with a lot of peoples money ruining it for those legit ones. Greedy & TightWadded people destroy SL's economy..................................
  9. So I'm a bit confused is the 2.2 the snowstorm viewer or the LL viewer or both, what about 2.3RC?
  10. I would have rather they just gave us an account number then allowed us to pick our diplayed name ourselves.
  11. Perhaps it's time for LL to boost the economy by making free accounts limited access and making it so new accounts have to pony up $5 as a one time verifying fee that gives them $5 worth of Lindens to get the good stuff. This spam crap is what we get for having unlimited anoymous free accounts, I'm surprised it's not far worse.
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