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  1. I have to agree , but i have a theory that what happens at my sim is very similar to what happens at most new and promising sims, we do everything we can to make ourselves visible in the searches, even spend money on ads etc, then we get traffic points ( well some don't even get that far ) then what i've been noticing happening is green dots start to show up one at a time in like 10 or 20 minute intervals, and theres only 1 at a time so they leave, they don't realize that about 10 minutes ago there was already someone there wondering the same thing they were, " where's all the people" so no matter how cool or nice that place is aesthetically, no one wants to hang around alone cause you got the one green dot at a time syndrome going, I have to wonder how really popular and well populated sims get their massive green dot crowd "coral" effect that soon snowballs into a sim thats hopping all the time with people, how do they get that initialized in the beginning, before they run out of startup money and would inevitably fold soon afterward. Makes ya wonder, how they do it? I know there are really few numbers of successful sims in ratio to unsuccessful and unpopulated dead sims when you think about how big the ratio difference the odds for a successful sim really just become staggering. Anyone want to elaborate how they do it? Maybe sl should have some kind of built in buddy teleport system then the green dots could show up in pairs.
  2. Are you HOT? Wanna show it off? Want to make some LINDENS for your hotness Guaranteed? Then you qualify to come and work at our sim, we have a beautiful and classy strip bar, and a luxurious Harem, we are a new resort themed sub tropical Island sim , we are offering paid by the hour job to sit your beautiful selfs down on our land and mingle with our guests who are constantly popping by, and do what you do best, LOOK HOT!! You will get paid for this! Payment is by the hour in lindens plus you get to keep 100% of all your tips, we have extremely cheap hotel rooms and ad boards for our escorts. Please send your resume to Butkins Sugarplum, or come by our sim and fill out an application. The HAREM Brothel http://slurl.com/secondlife/Enthrall%20Island/104/120/75 Club Enthrall Strip bar http://slurl.com/secondlife/Enthrall%20Island/104/120/75 As employees and dancer / escorts of Enthrall Island you will be asked to attend our weekly parties and also model from time to time. For a virtual tour of our island please visit : http://enthrallisland.blogspot.com
  3. St. Mary Jane's Insane Asylum located on Enthrall Island Sim, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Enthrall%20Island/104/120/75 is currently hiring people who love to role play to help us greet our many patients who stop in, pay is by the hour in lindens. Applicants who are friendly and outgoing are urged to please contact Butkins Sugarplum with your resume, our come by our hospital and fill out an application. Everyday we do patient intake at our hospital at 4:20 pm . Our infirmary is a dark urban grunge themed dilapidated hospital set on a beautiful resort themed island, for a virtual tour of our island please visit our blog http://enthrallisland.blogspot.com
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