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  1. Thank you, Lillith and everyone who helped me get this resolved! Happy New Year!!!
  2. OK, I went to my group profile: https://i.gyazo.com/0bacd90baee9e4b1a1b7dc47ff444c1e.png Last tab is Experience and there is nothing for me to remove. I went through all the tabs and I see nothing that says or allows me to "remove the land donation.
  3. Hi Lindal, Even if the houses are nicer and parcel is 1024m, it's still only 351 LI. When I first started as a premium member, the parcel was only 512m, but the LI (prims) was 352. Then they brought it down to 175 LI and raised the premium price along with the fee for buying Lindens. I buy a lot of lindens. It was, I believe, 49 cents then went to 99 cents and now it's $1.49. I don't think premium members should even get charged that fee. It may be small to some, but it adds up after a while. But, thank you for the information. The only thing I will miss is being able to get into most events quicker than basic members, but that's not worth $99/yr. *hugs you* Ivory Seriman ❤️
  4. I don't understand what this means or how to change it. Is it best to delete my group? https://i.gyazo.com/aef9b5c269fb1cf951f6c004131839e1.png
  5. Hi everyone, I have a premium account. I have been premium for about 8 years. I have had LL homes and recently bought land and set it to my group (Ivory's Way). I sold that and anyone who was in my group received some Linden's. Now I rent land because Linden Lab homes #1 are not great and #2 the amount of prims (land impact) is very low. So, I feel it's time to go to a basic account; only it won't let me. I get this error and don't know what it means; can someone help me? An error occurred while processing your request Basic users may not contribute land to groups. You must delete the tier contributions you made to groups which you belong before downgrading to the Basic Plan
  6. Thank you both, Alwin & Lindal for responding. The money was divided and luckily for me, I was able to retrieve all but 1,500L$ and that last amount went to my bff who doesn't log in anymore. I had about 10 people in the group, all who are great friends!
  7. I put my land up for sale and after two weeks I lowered the price. I got a notification that my stuff was sent back and I see someone bought it, but I haven't received the lindens
  8. Is anyone having this issue? Does it have to do with the Billing maintainance? If so, when will my stuff come back?
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