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  1. correction *only one who is thinking this way, not other one. Oops.
  2. So for people who have lets say 400-600 items on Marketplace for sale via their magic boxes, we would have to I dunno, find the time (days I would guess) to convert all of those to this other form of Direct Delivery???.....I mean I just cannot believe how stupid these people who are running this get. First it was the name change crap, then this then that, now this! I got a super machine over here, a high end FAST gaming machine yet it took 8 minutes just for Marketplace to load. It took an additional 3 mins for the transaction page to load. Who has the time and furthermore, who's gonna tolerate it? Seems easier to just take it all down and call it day.....I cant believe that LL didnt consider that. Theres no way if this is how its going to be permanently that Im sticking around for it and surely I cannot be the other one who is thinking this way. I mean my goodness I cant understand their logic. This whole thing seems counter productive if you ask me. So people dont have to have any land or know someone with land to sell things on Marketplace? Oh gee, and I thought it was some dumb sh*t before being created and sold, I cant even imagine what this is going to do and certainly this will slow Marketplace even more! Well maybe not....maybe ALOT of people will say "screw this" "im gone" and it will dwindle away to nothinjg? Who knows. Anyways, can someone answer the first part of the question I asked about converting to this whole Direct thing? Much appreciated in advance.
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