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  1. I successfully uploaded a .dae file to the SL beta mesh grid today and then about 30 minutes later I tried to re-upload the same file and my viewer crashed from "WARNING: LLModel::loadModel: LoD data is invalid!" I haven't been able to enable the skin weight display option without my viewer crashing from not having enough memory. What is going on?!
  2. I cannot seem to get the SL preview for mesh to work with an avatar body. In the uploader tool the preview is not moving even when I have all of the preview options selected and when my avatar is moving. What do I need to do to get the preview to match my in-world movements? Also it doesn't help that 99% of the time I enter the upload tool, second life crashes. EDIT: Now when I go to preview one .dae file and click "skin weights" under display options the uploader doesn't crash, but if I choose a different .dae file and click the same check box my viewer crashes. I am using the lates
  3. Whenever I place any texture with a portion of it being fully transparent, the rest of the sculpty turns semi-transparent, why is this?
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