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  1. There are groups to join to find out what is going on - Gay List and Gay Events Grid Wide and some popular hotspots like Spurt, Whiterock Beach and Atonement. I thought that on arrival in SL there was a gay greeter and a tour of gay spots . If you need any more info please IM me in world. xx
  2. Hey Mickey - very interesting comments - I agree with all you say - let's hope Linden's listen and change....
  3. Thank you so much for the reply - blimey - that is rather odd.... and how silly... i am sure it would be most advantageous to be able to create different stores with our main avatar.... sadly the brands idea will not work as I have two totally different products.... (((((
  4. I already have one store and would like to create another for completely different products I know that to create a store you hit the 'My Marketplace' tab and hit 'create store' but when I do this the option is not there as I already have a store. How do you create a second (or more stores) ? Many thanks indeed, Barzi
  5. I only have a few listings of my more recent purchases (from @ October 2010) - is my purchase history through xstreet avialable somewhere somehow ?
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