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  1. maybe you have forgotten to select the category
  2. I tried to open all ports but i have the same problems: after few minutes from login, i am disconnected and then i lost the information in about land, the groups, the voice, the music, i see only the sim where i make login and i crash everytime i make a teleport. :-( I don't know why!
  3. Thank you Thinkerer, I thought to disable the firewall was like to open all the ports.. I'll try to open that ports if I can do it.. thank you soo much for the moment. :-)
  4. Hello, thanks for read this my post. Some days ago my modem/router is broken and i changed it with a Sitecom 300N. After changed it i have big problems in SL: I lost the groups, the information in about land, i crash in teleport, and music and voice don't work. I can only make a log in and use im. I tried with Windows XP, Vista and Win7 and also with Linux. and I tried with SL2 viewer and also with Phoenix .. The issues are the same! I have disabled the firewall in modem and i have no firewall in the operating system. Why I have these problems? can everyone help me, please? thank you soooo much :-)
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