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  1. Hey Peter, TY very much for your help. Never would move a legal action against him in RL. The SL value involved is too small for that. And have the fact that I live in Brazil and not in North America. The question is that. I treat my SL as SL, that is just for fun not for profits. But of course im disappointed by the actions of a guy such as this. You spend hours creating, sometimes even days to develop something. Then someone comes and magically starts to sell its scription. Yes, he probably didnt have the sculps, but it is easy to acquire. But he is smart, the items he sells are all with my name as the constructor. What would be hard (and i think impossible) he get my textures. Now, i'm researching, i was told that there is a way to block just my textures by LL. I know all that things became difficult for me, even by my own naivety. I understand that I'm very bored with this. But it's normal that we jealous of our creations. I'm trying the best way to do, i dont know. All this to me is like an outflow and lest anyone be so silly as i was.
  2. Ty Roling for your help, but I cant offer it free because they are sculps purchased from third parties.My criantion was all texture. The lowest price I can use on the sale of these items is only 11 lindens.
  3. Yes, I have to prove. The textures of that items are in name of my avatar. That he dont have in fullpermition. By the way, all textures also i have the original in layers (psd file)
  4. I have problems with a ex partner who continues to sell my products at ridiculous prices. That is, making a competition unfair with me. At the time, I had to send the items to him so he put them in vendors (my mistake, should´nt have done this). But my question is, even if the wrong sent  items to him, as I do some kind of blockage of these items?Have any way to make him stop? 
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