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  1. In version 3.3.4 (which should be on the beta channel very shortly), there is a new 'autoreplace' feature that does exactly this... you can configure lists of words which, when you type them in any chat input, are automatically expanded in place to whatever you choose. You can have multiple lists of words, and can export and import lists. This is loosely based on a contribution from one of the Phoenix developers, but was modified enough that it is not backward-compatible with lists from that version (I hope to get a migration path created in a future update). Look for the 'Auto-Replace' button the chat preferences panel (it is off by default, so you need to open that floater and enable it, and you can also configure your replacements there).
  2. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but we have not added support for RLV.
  3. Yes, for now the only way to manipulate the pathfinding attributes of your terrain or the objects on it is to use the Pathfinding Project viewer. Get it here: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers#Pathfinding
  4. and I just posted in the Fashion forum too: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Fashion/Mesh-Garments-needed-for-testing-deformer/m-p/1525125#M6894
  5. If you are a clothing designer interested in getting the mesh deformer integrated into all SL viewers, you can help both make it better and get it integrated more quickly: We need a collection of test garments that we can use to evaluate this feature, and to form the basis of an ongoing regression test of it once it is integrated. These need not be "good looking", and in some cases should not be (so we're not asking you to give away your best commercial work). What we need is deformable mesh garments, based on either the unaltered "new shape" (female), or that shape changed to male; the garments should be designed to explore the limits of the technology as well as to showcase the normal easy cases. Some examples I can think of (but I expect that you as designers and fashionistas can think of more and better): a full length garment (ball gown, trenchcoat, kaftan) garments designed to be close fitting around problem areas like the shoulders, breasts, and butt (or whatever areas you think are problems) garments designed to stand away from the body in some areas (capes, high collars, flared or puffed sleeves and pants, hoop skirts) very small garments that cover limited areas (gloves, shoes, scarves, shin and thigh pads) garments designed to layer with each other (a close fitting shirt with a jacket to wear over it) It would probably be useful for these test garments not to be textured for normal use — instead, give them simple high contrast patterns like checks or stripes that make it easy to evaluate how textures are altered by the deformations. If you'd like to contribute items for this effort, please:   Upload them with the current version of the official Project Viewer for the Deformer. You can find a download link on the test build wiki page, and record the full version number of the viewer you used (from the Help > About Second Life floater). Put a copy of the garment (no-modify is fine, but please allow copy and transfer) into a Notecard that describes what the garment is intended to demonstrate or test. Links to images of what you think it should look like would be useful; be sure to include the version number from the viewer in the Notecard. Send the Notecard to Oz Linden Optionally, attach the mesh file to STORM-1716 I'd like to get Contribution Agreements from anyone submitting garments; contact me for details on that if you need them. I will establish a way anyone can pick up copies of the test garments that we incorporate into the test suite.
  6. Nalates Urriah wrote: For now it looks like the Lindens are moving on to upgrading other parts of the system. The avatar and mesh is pretty much going to stay as it is until the current round of fixes and additions are completed. Not true... we not only have STORM-1716 (the deformer) in progress, we also have other avatar improvements under review in STORM-1800
  7. You would also need to add *.lindenlab.com, since many backend services use names in that domain
  8. Thanks for taking the time to pull your questions together, Cummere. I know a number of others have had similar questions, and I wanted to take a minute to address them here. I hope this will help clarify things. 1) What is meant by shared experience? Making a simple statement that covers all possible cases is not easy ... there is an unavoidable element of judgement in interpreting this rule; I'll try to answer below, but that should not be taken as modifying the policy itself. We will certainly help developers with proposals to understand whether or not a feature might fall under it. It's worth noting that the vast majority of all changes made by third party viewers have certainly not been a problem. The fact that there have been some problems in the past motivated our adding this rule so that in the future developers would work closely with us to prevent any more like them. A shared experience change is one that modifies the definition of the elements that make up the virtual world, or how they behave, in such a way that users on other viewers don’t experience the same virtual reality. This rule does not affect changes to rendering, user interface, or the controls a viewer offers for interacting with the world. 2) What counts as the latest released Linden Lab viewer? Do the Snowstorm and Beta viewers count as released? The Release viewer is the benchmark, but the difference in time is normally quite small (a few weeks). If the relative release schedules of our viewer and that of some TPV are causing a problem, then we will discuss making allowances for that if the stability of the feature makes that a reasonable thing to do. The whole point of the Development and Beta viewer builds is to test things - which implies that those tests may reveal the need to modify the feature, potentially including changes that would not be compatible with the earlier version, so the likelihood of this kind of problem would have to be taken into consideration. 3) Does this mean systems like RLV and integrated AO's are no longer allowed? No. 4) Does this mean that third party viewers may no longer experiment with and help test new features? No - if the feature would fall under the 2.k rule, then it is faster and easier for everyone if the primary development and testing of it be done based on the common upstream code we make available to everyone, but parallel work by developers in test versions (not the default downloads) of TPVs will usually be ok as long as everyone (including the users of those test viewers) understands that the feature may change in incompatible ways, or even in an extreme case be withdrawn (such as if it is found to be harmful in some unresolvable way). 5) Does this mean that text only viewers or "voice only" viewers would no longer be allowed? No - failing to provide a common feature is not the same as adding a new feature. Users who choose to use such viewers are making a choice that is up to them.
  9. We run this contest on an ongoing basis, but entries are not limited to those intended for new users. The primary prize is that the idea gets used in the viewer. My feeling is that is enough for most creative people, but if I'm wrong, I'm interested to hear about what else might work. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Oz_Linden
  10. It sounds like a better comparison would be to set the driver to maximum on Windows...
  11. This has been fixed in 3.2.5, for which a Beta version is available.
  12. You're running Beta viewers, which are intentionally updated more frequently and can be less stable. Run the Release viewer
  13. There are many ways to make an object rotate with a script... can you be more specific?
  14. That message was unfortunately not constructed well, and steps have been taken to make sure that misleading phrasing is not used in future messages. Let me be clear: There has been no change in the Policy on Third Party Viewers or the Terms of Service. It is ok to connect to Second Life with any viewer that complies with the Policy on Third Party Viewers, even if that viewer is not in the Third Party Viewer Directory. I will not comment on whether or not any particular enforcement action was justified, and suggest that public forums are not the best place to discuss individual cases. If you believe that your account was improperly affected, the process you should follow is here: http://bit.ly/hBIjz 
  15. The real answer is that while we have some theories about that, we're not yet sure. There are a number of things that might be going on in the equipment between the system that you're running the viewer on and our servers - your home router and/or modem included. Some of what we are doing may be putting more load on them than they can handle, or otherwise tickling bugs in them. We're researching these problems.
  16. I must have misunderstood your question before, but what you are describing is the intended functionality.... The entries in the Sun menus are shortcuts to the Second Life default settings for those four fixed skys - they are not controls to change the time of day in the region. If you want to manually switch between fixed skys that you have in your presets, then you must use the World>Environment Editor>Environment Settings dialog. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  17. Create a Sky preset for each of your key times (9, 12, 3); save each of those settings with its own name (my-9, my-12, my-3). Create a Day Cycle preset. In that preset, insert a marker at each of those times and set each marker to the appropriate sky preset. Save that Day Cycle preset with its own name (my-day). Open the Environment editor, select 'Use Custom Settings', and select your saved day (my-day).
  18. The 'time' in the SL 4-hour day can be read in LSL with llGetSunDirection. Making this at least approximately agree with the sun position in the SL sky can be done in the new environment settings controls: the sun position in a sky setting is set using a time of day, so if that position matches the time in the day cycle that the setting is used, the time and the sun will be in rough agreement. These new controls can be used now in the Windlight Region Settings Project Viewer and will be in the 2.8.0 Beta
  19. You can now download a Project Viewer that allows you to set the Environment Settings for your regions, and any user entering the region will see the settings you set (for now, only if they are also running the project viewer). We've revamped the interface for editing environment settings as part of this feature, and are looking for your feedback on it here. See http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Land/This-Project-Viewer-Lets-Landowners-Control-Environment-Settings/ba-p/925883
  20. If it is that Mac problem (you didn't say whether or not you were on a Mac), we believe it is fixed in the current Beta viewer; try that...
  21. prim attachments won't move, but a tattoo layer will...
  22. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-1100 tracks making a bunch of updates to the GPU recognition in the viewer.  Many thanks to the several people who have been checking and contributing updated entries. A test viewer for this issue can be download from the wiki at https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Downloading_test_builds#Developer_Builds Note: this is a developer test viewer; it may well not be as stable as released viewers.  It will not automatically update the way released viewers do. If you have been having trouble with your GPU being recognized or you believe it has been incorrectly classified, then please download that viewer and report by adding a comment STORM-1100 You can find relevant log entries in your SecondLife.log file by searching for 'GPU'.
  23. Known problem for which we have a fix - it will be in the next update. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-1319
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