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  1. No, LindeEx exchange is not the best... is now when I am forced to work with LindeEx exchange when I have that loose, not before. May be if you live in USA & you need US Dollars is the best option, but not when you've lost with comissions changing L$ to Dollars & again when you change Dollars to Euros via Paypal

    Before with other exchange webs you could do it directly (L$ -> Euros) without the loose I'll have now

  2. If I get 1/2 sim on March 3, and I pay my tier on March 18th (as my premium account membership bill date) will LL charge me 125USD (total amount) or will I have to pay only the half month, 65USD?

    Also: if I have a credit card registered and US Dollar balance, will Linden get my tier from my US Dollar balance or will they charge the tier in my credit card ? In case I have not enough USD, will they share the payment between both options or will they charge the tier only on my credit card ?

    Thank you !

  3. I need help to know what part of this text can be considered as adult rating (Xstreet doens' allow me to set one item with general rating due to the description & I don't understand why):

    2 Couple + 4 Single animated poses. This set has been made with quality sculpts & textures for a realistic look. It has 4 parts:
    - Wheelbarrow with tree: 1 single pose (13 prims).
    - Straw Bales: 1 couple & 2 single animated poses in a menu (5 prims).
    - Fallen Trunk with corn bundles: 1 couple & 1 single
    pose in a menu(4 prims).
    - Fireplace (3 prims).
    Ground leaves come with the wheelbarrow & the fireplace. Sculpted pumpkins with the wheelbarrow & the straw bales.
    All poses are animated
    All is modify & transfer. Look all the pics to see all the details of each piece.
    Perfect for autumn & halloween time

    Thank you !

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