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  1. I admit that I have a furry side. I spent about 3 or 4 months as a furry and also a neko and loved it. I changed back to human because I wanted to wear other clothes and go into a certain type of business so I just suddenly stopped. I still have my furry avis and even dress up in them from time to time. I also love going neko and I think of it as the tween image from human and furry so I get the best of both worlds. I say let your friend enjoy his furriness while he can. SL is all about exploring and enjoying new things that we can't do in RL.
  2. Let's look at the definition of cheating along with the boundaries of your marriage as agreed upon you both (from what you have revealed or mentioned in your post) Cheating: (a) To act dishonestly or unfairly to gain advantage. (b) to decieve or trick; © to be sexually unfaithful. There were more definitions for this but I chose the most appropriate for the situation. According to what you've stated you are not decieving your husband because you both have agreed to those boundaries when it comes to each of your SL's. There are plenty of RL married couples that have separate second lives with separate second life partners - it's referred to as an open relationship, even if it is on a virtual medium. So imo I don't think by the way that you've described it that you are cheating. The only way it would be cheating is if your RL husband wasn't aware of the situation or didn't agree to that stituation. If that's not the case I think it's not something to worry about. Some people believe in the world of absolutes and think that the third definition is correct so no matter whether the other party consents or has previous knowledge of it then it's still cheating. I think it's a matter of perspective and individual opinion because relationships are highly personal things so there's not some given rule on how to conduct one. Now if you were to take that second life relationship outside of second life then that would be in violation of the agreement and commitment that you made with your husband and imo would be cheating. That's just my opinion. ehehe
  3. I think such a list is pointless unless it's for the Mistress/Master involved. There may be some tight knit communities but I wouldn't say they are quite that tight that they would share a list of slaves that they felt were displeasing. I will say that there may be something like that in the case of auctions or Gor - it would make since especially in the idea of auctions so that they can avoid any legal problems. I would suggest really taking your time to find the right Dominant because it is a serious commitment. Unless you are looking for just a shot period or short timed commitment then I would suggest discussing that with any potential dominant before submitting to their collar. This really clears up a lot of confusion and there wouldn't be any grudges held by the other party. But as I said, I think such lists as "Runaway Slaves" is just pointless unless it's created for personal reasons or business related reasons.
  4. Hi there Maxine. I have to say I'm a bit new to second life forums although I've been in SL for about 4 or 5 years now. But anyhoo, your post caught my attention as I was browsing through and getting acquainted with things. I agree with one of the previous posters. You mentioned that they had only been hanging out for a few weeks before they got partnered and that seems to be rushed and premature imo. If a friend told me something like this I would be shocked and wondering what kind of drugs she had been taking to think that there wouldn't be problems. I think second life doesn't just rob us of brain cells but of our sense of time and reality. Many might agree with me that sometimes a month seems like a year at times but that is unfortunately not the case when it comes to RL. This is even worse because second life makes it so much easier to be anonymous and hide so many truths. That person could very well be a stalker but I've seen so many situations where they were players and that other woman was telling the truth. Now sometimes I think that the way a person approaches that type of situation gives away a lot of details alone but that's another story altogether. I think the best thing for your friend to do is to send a letter (notecard) detailing her feelings on the subject and dissolve the relationship until they have more of a solid foundation to build any type of relationship on. Good luck to your friend
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