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  1. I have been told via email from LL, that another resident is now "following me". What is this? I have never come across it before and have no idea what it means or how its done...
  2. I didnt IM this other guy... I pulled up my friends profile from my friends list and paid him! Thats why it makes no sense that someone else got it!
  3. I did pull up his profile, thats why it makes no sense that someone else got it!
  4. I sent a friend 500 lindens ... but he never got them. It seems that instead of '*edited out specific name* getting his gift, the lindens went to a *edited out specific name* who from the look of his profile, isnt around anymore!  Any ideas how to get my hard earned lindens back? Yes, I did IM *edited for specific name* and explain that the gift wasnt meant for him and asked if he would please return the lindens asap!
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