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  1. At Ravens Retreat we have a lush forest land for you and your other half ( or just you! ) to come and explore under the peaceful canvas of the leafy trees. Explore the treetop treehouses, all with furniture to enjoy.....also dine at our magical cave or have breakfast while watching the swans in the cystal blue lake...lots of places to relax, talk, snuggle and enjoy the peace and quiet. You wont be disappointed at the Skyboxes either....very cheap rent.....very stylish decor....and ultra private...animated furniture and changeable pictures/rugs. Stop by and see what youre missing!!


    Raven's Retreat, Glacier Bay (24, 244, 21)

  2. Hi All! SL is down for me at the moment so i thought id come read the forum while I'm waiting. In 2007 I discovered Second life and it totally changed my world....i was addicted from the start! Everything was much simplier then, in my opinion, I made friends really easy. I done the whole buying land, even had a dog and cat, lots of jobs under my belt and then I got married...which lead to a RL relationship too and today after 5 years, we are married and have a home together :) but......I miss second life alot at times, Ive had so many good memories and then i find myself logging on with the few people i have left on my friends list offline! I wander around, try to make small talk and make afew more friends again but I just cant seem to connect with anyone in secondlife anymore.....I often wonder if its because i've a partner in SL and RL? Surely thats not the reason? It would be amazing to make new friends again and just hang out, create more secondlife memories again after all this time. Anyone else long term SL residents feel this way? :matte-motes-sour:

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