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  1. Rent a full-furnished skybox, complete with bed, living room, jacuzzi, security system, windows/light controls and more. There is one skybox per parcel. That means you can change the media/audio, and also change the name of the parcel your skybox is on! Skyboxes from just L$350 per week with 50 prims (fully-furnished). [We can also remove the furniture from the skyboxes and give you the prims they take-up at not extra cost, should you want to furnish the skybox yourself - contact me to arrange that.] Current Discount: Pay for 4 weeks and get an extra (1) week free. Limited time only! Visit our Rental Hub to view available skyboxes: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Checkmate/171/191/24
  2. If you need a Homestead parcel, IM me and we can arrange something. I currently have 1/2 of a Homestead (1875 prims) available, which can be broken down into smaller parcels (1/8th, 1/4, etc.) if need-be. IM me for more information.
  3. I am looking to sell 1/4 of my Homestead sim. In order to purchase, simply teleport in using the SLURL below. The land's price is the 1st weeks tier pre-paid. (I will add that (7 days) to your Rental Box next time I log in). Just buy the land, and you immediately get full land rights. Land is resellable, you can terraform, you can set parcel media/music settings, ban/allow people, activate banlines, list in search and divide/join your parcels. The land itself is residential and light-commercial... You can have a shop there, but no malls or clubs are aloud. SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vortex/58/39/23 Feel free to IM me in-world with any questions you may have!
  4. Vortex Sci-fi Mall is now open. The Mall is located on the Vortex region, which will become a sci-fi destination in the near future. As it's a new region, the various attractions are currently being built but the main ones will be open in the next few days. Some of the things we are currently working on is a housing district from a known sci-fi show.... U.N.I.T Headquarters from 'Classic' Doctor Who and a replica of Platform One from the 'New Series' of Doctor Who. Both UNIT and Platform One will be open to roleplayers! We have vendor spaces for rent in the Mall from just L$50 per week. The prices are as follows: Wall Vendors - L$50 per week for 20 primsWall-in Shops - L$125 per week for 50 primsLarge Walk-in Shops - L$200 per week for 80 primsWe charge per prim on all vendor spaces. Our price is 2.5L per prim, which is pretty cheap considering the size of the shops we offer. If you need more prims, that's no problem... IM me and I am sure we can arrange something. Each walk-in shop has a wall texture controller, which was scripted by me and uses the CasperLet API. This Controller automatically adds you as it's 'user' when you rent. You can then touch the controller to change the wall textures of your shop. (We have a range of textures in each controller at the moment, but we will be adding more in the future). In order to rent a space, simply right-click the prim infront of the vendor space you wish to rent and select "Pay" from the menu. Once you've paid the Rental Box, it'll resize and move to the top right-hand side of your vendor space. You'll then be invited to our Merchants group by our bot. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in-world. Thank-you! SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vortex/236/204/24
  5. I am currently searching for someone who could build a shopping mall build on my sim. It does not need to be textured, but it does need to be built on the parcel (so it fits perfectly). Contact me with your prices, etc! (I will need the build, once finished, to be sold to myself full-perm so I can make modifications to the build and have copies in-case anything ever happens to the original).
  6. I have two Homestead Parcels, both 1/4 with 937 prims. They are L$2200 per week, with full land rights. You can manage media settings, autoreturn, terraform, rename etc. Located here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Apple%20Cove/8/5/22/ on the lovely Apple Cove sim! Please read the 'terms' notecard given out by the Rental Box before renting, that contains all of the... 'terms' of the rental. Overall, the land itself can be used for Residential or Lite Commercial use. No Malls or Clubs are allowed, but small businesses and shops are welcome. So, you may be asking... What do you get from buying land in Apple Cove? Quality Support - We have various Estate Managers that are able to check script times, restart the sim and help you with any problems you may have.Friendly Sim - We treat our sim with respect. Script times are monitored daily, and even our Rental System, CasperLet, has just one-script!No Premium Account Needed! And, Teens are welcome! (Apple Cove is a PG region).Security Orbs (low-lag ones!) and Skyboxes are available upon request.Above are only some of the many things we can offer. So, if your interested in purchasing a parcel and want to know more, feel free to drop by and ask me any/all questions you may have! (or... you can just IM me...).
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