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  1. I think I got it working, but I do admit, it looks lighter in the sky. Is that because I have done something wrong? I log in around 2 to 3 am SLT. I wonder if in real life, there are more obstacles in the way to make the sky not as bright around the same time? I feel it should be much darker, yes?
  2. Thanks... I will try that and apply for all sky levels.
  3. I have done that, but the sky does not always look right. Either too bright or too dark — as if my settings are being ignored.
  4. I have been trying to figure out how to set the EEP in my parcel, so it will run a 24-hour realistic flow of time. The default region setting is 4 hours. I like my experience to be as realistic as possible. Thanks.
  5. On the main viewer, I would like to remove the search bar on the menu tool bar. I went through all the Preferences and menu options. Either I am blind or there was a clear option to check or uncheck to remove the search bar. Please help. Thanks.
  6. I have tried this several times. This method does not hide the Library Folder.
  7. Thank you! I will remember to set it to "unconstrained." I do not have many objects with 2 menus, but this will come in handing with those that do.
  8. I use the Version for Bento... V5, I think. I will have to do this in the morning. The only ISP we can get is HughesNet, and saying it sucks would be too weak. Even their new Gen5 is a joke: $100 for 30GB/mo plus 50GB bonus (2 am to 8 am local time... in my case EST). We have Gen4 15GB/mo with the same bonus. Thank for your help. Firestorm will work with those objects with 2 menus.
  9. GREAT! Thank you. I will try it out. I love the sky settings.
  10. I think Firestorm is the only viewer (that I have used) that can deal with two menus popping up at the same time. Why I don't use it anymore, the favorites bar does not save my ordering of said landmarks.
  11. I have a few objects that want to open two menus at the same time, but I can only get access to the last one given. How do I get access to all of them?
  12. There is an issue with a possiblity of Windows 10 build 10240 that does not save the preferences of viewers. Two that have serious issues: Firestorm--> The mode does not change. Alchemy, the preferences do not save except the colors. Everything else one has to reset everytime one logs in. Due to this, I have to believe the location of where this information is stored Windows 10 erases. I have to assume (yes dangerous to assume anything) that this is a security issue that Microsoft is using with Windows 10. I believe it clears any possible dangers that we all can collect online. Whatever it may be, something that Linden Labs and the other Third Party Viewers (TPVs) needs to look into.
  13. With Internet Service Providers like AT&T DSL, how will SecondLIfe be effected with the 150GB bandwidth caps. Will this be the end of SecondLife and the Internet we know it to be today?
  14. That might me contradictive. The purpose of any online network is social in one way or the other--including SecondLife.
  15. I agree and disagree on the fan fair of Google Plus. I see great things, but the structure is at tiems... not all that good. Just the same they are young. I think the biggest deal with Google is just that... GOOGLE. When a company goes 100% propriatary, no matter how good things have been--especially online, it all falls hard--like a gliding 2 ton object. Right now, Facebook (to me anyhow) a pain in the bums! Again, the rich dude is becing 100% propriatary. Anyhow, thanks for you feedback. See you in SL.
  16. Thanks for the URL. I booked marked it for future use.
  17. I have read recently that Facebook does not like for SecondLife users to share things on their service due to the SLURL link. I fully do not understand it, but I right now cannot change their decision. I also have noticed that businesses in SL are using Google Plus to advertise their products and the like. It got me interested to ask will SecondLife being doing a G+ chare like Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. Right now, I cannot share photos on Facebook. See you in SecondLife. :smileyvery-happy:
  18. I personly would like Linden Labs to investigate this item. I think it is a fraud as the day is long. 125 prims and minging for bitcoins is not as easy as it once was. Most important, nothing is free in life. If you want income to spend in real life or SecondLife you have to earn it. In SL you can get 300L$/week by being a premium account, or you can add real money into your account or both.
  19. As of June 4, 2914, I have not received my weekly stipends on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. Has the days we get this stripends changed? In the years I have a premium account, this is the first time this has happened. I have checked my L$ transactions and nothing has shown regarding the 300L$ I have gotten each and every Tuesday. If any more information from Linden Labs needs more in formation from me, pleae let me know. Let's get this issue solved ASAP. Thanks.
  20. Here is my input with script usage: 1) What is more important to you--the usage of scripts or having respecdtable visitors on your land? 2) SL is not RL. If y ou piss off your visitors, they WILL NOT come back. 3) Not all scripts are bad. I believe that there still scirptors that cannot write a decent code to save their lives, but to run them off or spam them due to it is not right. 4) Everything online is a social gathering. Having spam bonbardments sayiing you are wearing too much scirpts is not a social event. 5) Turn off the scirpt usage on the land parcel. Most AOs will run under such lands that turn off scirpts. 6) There is more than you in SL, and everyone hate to be treated bad due to scripts limits. It is almost to the point I would report the person for abuse. I canot have someone stop me in SL to tell me I cannot be there if I do not know the rules before hand. I think LL needs to set regulations on this endevor. We all haver rights, but like the laws in real life, we all have to treat everyone fairly. Thank you.
  21. The main point and idea for me to post what I had said was that for the lands I go to that states I wear too many sicprts is to the point rude. If I am going to be invited by using the Bletaverse cones (hopping around randomly), then a bit of respecdt is needed. Like I said, not all scirpted objects are bad and should not cause issues with how the land continues doing its thing or whatever. I was told years back that too many scripts causes lag. I never have faced hardly any lag after everything rezzes once I arrived to where ever. Far be it...if I am not wanted at a parcel/sim, then would rather not be there. Just the same if we are invited by the Bletaverse cones, Stargate, or whatever that allows me to arrived, then the besty script limit ojbecdts are more of a harrassment than anything. Far be it for me to say most do not get how SL is run, but that is not my fault. Some descression is need and common sense regarding scirpt usage and the limit there of. Thank you.
  22. My point was regarding SSA and scirpts: It is the lag that is why sicrpts usage was a pain. Now that there is hardly any lag due to SSA having the besky objects or whatever telling us all to weaer less scirpts is not needed. Another thing is not all scirpt objects are bad. How can these objects tell the difference? I think this scirpt issue is not needed or at least needs to be reavaluated.
  23. Now with the new Server Side Awareness (SSA), that should not be an issue--yes?
  24. Linden Labs did a very intelligent thing, you may want to do the research yoourself. They made sure that all the schools in SL are accredited. The biggest evalulation of SecondLife is not that things and people are leaving, but it first had a gigantic boom, and now things are settling down. It was the same way with the first PCs in the 1980s and the Internet in 1993. SecondLife does have it ups and downs lately, but that is life, and the economy, which is growing slowly (to slow if you ask me), is not helping in such advanced technology. It is true, and I am very much aware, there is still a lot to be done by Linden labs to emprove their 3-D world. Just the same, I have seen a lot of improvements since I first came into SL and since I created this account Any country we may live in has a lot to improve, but we all still hold on fast and ride the storm knowing we will win in the end of it. In all I have seen in education and all walks of life in SL, what has dropped from SL is nothing to count. Like going west for the fist itme in the Unites States of America, things grew and fell. That is life. Some of it may have to do with they could not go the distance, while others it was their time to leave. With the advancements of the "Cloud," SecondLife has its place, and the new jobs that are not yet with us can be fulfilled by college students today. I see this due to one big aspect--I have seen technology grow as such and the trends appear to be in the favor of SecondLife due to their are the only 3-D virtual reality strong engough to handle the load. I have read many times LL has not fixed the bigger issues. I say, "Patience, they are working at it by the SSB and other things that are replacing the old formats that most are used to experiencing. Due to their hard work, I would like to have someone from LL to explain where the future is going regarding to these changes. They might be able to shine a better light on what I have been saying and still believe to this day.
  25. I admit that there is more that can be done, but a lot has happened in SecondLife already. Liden Labs still has a lot to do before things can really roll, or it would have rolled already. In some ways it already has, but LL can destroy all that if they do not push onward more. It is all up to them. Why I have stated so much about SL is to hopefully enlighten not only LL but everyone in SL. It was every individual that has created what is in every region and land parcel. Linden Labs created their own things and so forth, but SL is unque because of everyone has contributed. Only way to get LL to do more as you have suggested is for us to show them the importance of doing so. There is lag in real life. Sometimes we call it political clap trap. As Shakespeare said, "Dear Brutus, are fault does not lie in our stars but in ourseelves." To achieve nirvana or any other enlightenment (meaning it has different names), we have to work hard at it as individuals and sometimes as a group. That is why we are called the United States of America. We can unite when it comes right down to it.
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