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  1. That would add a lot of work, actually. Each head type they specifically support needs all the skins in all the colors to be made. Second, some bodies don't fully conform to SL UVs, and you may need to modify older skins and such.
  2. Over 50 here. I've known people inworld of ages ranging from 18 to 70+. The bulk of my friends these days are 35 and older.
  3. One other aspect of how groups work which I haven't seen mentioned (but this may be a legend I was told) is that one of the things going on in the back end is database checks every time an avatar moves to make sure they aren't approaching or entering land they're unable to access. One of the things that is checked is group membership. So when you have thousands of avatars moving across countless kilometers of virtual terrain, that is a lot of back-end processing. Groups always having land-related functionality is the thing. This is another reason I see the suggestions for inworld messaging that isn't tied to groups as a good idea. But it'd have to be a new thing instead of just re-jiggering the current thing. What with how interwoven the groups are with land access, it'd be catastrophic to try to change that much code.
  4. It was movie night on the sci-fi sim I RP on, and we watched Rollerball (1975). This was the crew chatting about it afterward. I'm the gray-haired one.
  5. If I knew what the money potential was, the small output to bring one of my alts up to mesh and plop her down might be a sound investment.
  6. I'd hope the ad's placer has an application process that would sort for people who actually have credentials. Speaking as a would-be psychologist myself if nothing else. If they aren't using actual therapists, that's ethically dicey as heck. How they sell the service to clients would determine whether there's false representation involved. Dr. Phil isn't licensed to perform therapy anymore since he was caught banging his secretary, but there's nothing legally wrong with him doing that harmful little show of his since it's not the same thing by a loophole. And there are different standards within the United States and Canada alone for that role; the more global market's rules would really get complicated if they're trying to be legit.
  7. As it works out, Firestorm was finding everything since all of her prims were in a small skybox. But what I was failing to notice was the one-prim items whose LI exceeded their prim count. One such item counted as one prim but 249 LI. I foolishly ignored the one-prim items whose LI wasn't loading well when comparing via Edit.
  8. I own a few parcels on the mainland sim Gilbut, which is running RC LeTigre I have a friend of a friend who's living on one of them, and I asked her to keep her LI under 200. I recently noticed the total prim count available to me had changed for the lesser. While checking my parcels for strays, I noticed her objects' total LI was listed as 577. I decided to run Area Search (I use Firestorm) and look around the parcel for her objects so I could see what was pushing things so high. I ran into a complete conundrum. Her LI according to the objects I can find in a search for what she owns from ground to 4096M in altitude is more like 116. There are four other people with objects rezzed on this parcel, and they are in agreement between land info and Area Search. Is she running too many temp-rezzing objects? Is there something broken server-side? I'm very flummoxed. CORRECTION: It's blowing up the LIs on more than one person. One is listed as having an LI of 69 with a search total of four. Everyone else's LIs are accurate, and they are under 50 apiece.
  9. Because some people just have to fret and complain because they think they can't get the one-two punch of adrenaline and attention any other way. I'd make suggestions as to how to alternately handle that sort of jones, but this is a G-rated forum.
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