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  1. May his memory be a blessing in both worlds.
  2. Lordy, I forgot one that pisses people off but I adore it so very much. Moreso when I found out the original lyrics were taken from pre-Christian Ukranian tradition. It became Carol of the Bells. It started out more like this:
  3. Favorite Christmas song: O Holy Night for religious songs (In Dulce Jubilo is right up there, though!), Dropkick Murphys' "The Season's Upon Us" for secular/modern. Least favorite: "Mary, Did You Know." The existence of this song angers me. It reminds me of everything wrong with certain branches of Christianity. Did Mary know her firstborn child was going to become a Really Big Deal? Are there Bibles published for the Christianists that omit the Gospel according to Luke? Seriously. If you believe the Bible is the true and inerrant Word of God, the section about how an angel visited Mary and told her God wanted her to give birth to His son on earth ought to tell you that maybe, JUST MAYBE, she knew. "The Christmas Shoes" is close to MDYK in my hate list for other reasons. Favorite Christmas movie: Muppet Christmas Carol or The Christmas Chronicles Least favorite: The Christmas That Almost Wasn't or Miracle on 34th Street
  4. As someone who's stuck on slow-as-feck DSL, the cloud migration has really been a blessing to me when I think about it. I am seeing people and items load faster on some sims, including my mainland parcel. I do need to get upgraded for reasons inside and outside SL, but for now, it's not as painful for me as it was by an order of magnitude. Weird things I've seen? Aside from the server URL including secondlife.io? Not much.
  5. This belief that we used to have thicker skins is patent nonsense. Offensive words and actions have been offensive a lot longer than you've been alive (or me, for that matter). What you're seeing is the people who are under assault stepping up and telling people they won't take it anymore. Moreover, you're seeing them being noticed instead of ignored or worse. Black people in the USA did not just shrug and move on under Jim Crow or the race riots whites perpetrated against them. They felt it all, from "never meet a white person's gaze straight on" to "A twelve-year-old got beaten and lynched because a white girl said he touched her." And don't get me started about how they felt being slaves. Or how there were abolitionists writing to protest the whole thing long before the Civil War. When an idea exists, so does its opposite and variations on the baselines of each. There is nothing new about hating racism or misogyny or any other system of oppression you want to name. This is novel news to some folks, I know. But they really insist on being coddled and told the world was perfect before the annoying people started reminding them they were fed a line of crap about how the world works. As for how that applies in SL? Honestly, I'm broader in tolerance than I am in RL over this stuff. I'd want a KKK sim shut down so fast it'd collapse their hoods. Nothing good comes from them. So many sims are white avis only by tradition and momentum that encoding it would merely be a red flag to a bull, though. People of traditionally oppressed groups setting up their own spaces in SL? Sure, go for it, no average user has to be able to go everywhere on the grid. Filtering for avatar type (i.e., furries)? It really does matter for atmosphere. An all-comers formal ballroom would be fun if it doesn't exist already. But folks like Frank's Place VIPs pay a ridiculous amount of money to gain access to a specific atmosphere. I don't want to see avatars breaking the rules there. It's not what you signed up for when you threw them the Ls. This applies as much to showing up in casual wear as it does to showing up in a Jomo avatar. I side with Harlan Ellison on this one. Everyone is entitled to an INFORMED opinion. Nobody is entitled to be ignorant. And ignorant people deserve to be shouted down. If we leave them alone and treat their opinions with as much weight as anyone else's, we get a lot of the crap RL is facing.
  6. My pet peeve today is people who profess beliefs or training that would suggest they understand people are connected to various degrees simply by co-existing and talking like such rugged individualists I'm amazed they don't go off-grid and whinge about their shipping container tiny homes on manually typed 'zine pages. Of course, that would mean they couldn't spread their idea of the gospel truth to as many people as possible, so sacrifices must be made in the name of preaching. /me softly sings a Carly Simon song as she steps back for the next peever.
  7. My principal look is loosely based on my RL face. The body is idealized but not skinny. Also taller than me, but I like the balance and proportions I have. I'm also roughly the same ethnicity in appearance. I am pale as fsck in RL and I've never been comfortable with wearing tanned skin. The closest I ever diverged from that was when I wore a DrLife skin that was based on someone who was half-white and half-Japanese. My hair has varied. I used to wear any dang color I felt like. Then I standardized on brunette. Switched around a couple of times before landing on my current blue-black/jet hair bias. The one thing I've wanted to match my RL that took years for me to find was my eye color. Trichromatic green (gray outer rim, gold-brown inner) was unfindable for years. I flitted around colors until I found the first good version of that eye pattern.
  8. I admit this was Wednesday's look, but it's my most recent outfit pic and I'm kinda proud of it. Decided to do a bit of a Canada Day special.
  9. Lysana has been a constant name for me online since BBS days. It's a respelling of Lisanna. I thought it was pretty to merge Lisa and Anna and found out much later that, inevitably, I'd been beaten to that punch a long time ago. I got here and wanted a last name of something resembling Irish origins. I had to laugh when I found out it was in the DB because of Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Tricia McMillan, AKA Trillian).
  10. And if you do go with scripted strippables, please don't have the scripts emote in open chat as the only thing it does. Clothes that do that can get you dinged by club staff for chat-spamming.
  11. I've run into this one myself. The first time, I got it to clear by purging the browser cache. The second time, I had to clear the main cache. That latter choice has kept me from seeing it for several days now. *crosses fingers*
  12. Richard. JohnThomas. Peter. William. The possibilities...
  13. Y'all realize that one of the ways the Lindens are going to clean up is with the people who partner and de-partner like they're changing the oil in their car (or more often), right? If they're willing to blow easily US$40 on the attire, venue rental, and so on, what's another $40 apiece to get the name they agree on from the list to be a couple in every possible way? And so what if they divorce a month later, or one of them ghosts the other? It's just another line item in the budget for wedded bliss with their next Mr/Ms Right Now. This is clever as hell on the part of the Labs.
  14. That would add a lot of work, actually. Each head type they specifically support needs all the skins in all the colors to be made. Second, some bodies don't fully conform to SL UVs, and you may need to modify older skins and such.
  15. Over 50 here. I've known people inworld of ages ranging from 18 to 70+. The bulk of my friends these days are 35 and older.
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