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  1. Does anyone else find threads - one after the other - advertising events at the same venue a bit too much? Counted 5 from one venue just now... I like to look at all posts and find I am scrolling through loads of repetitive stuff. Unfortunately at present there's no option to set a forum on ignore (which I'd love to do to rentals and events).
  2. im trying to sign in to these forums with my other avatar so i sign this one out and click sign in and automatically im signed again, it never goes to the sign in page... ive signed into dashboard with the other avatar and still when i go to slforums, this avatar here gets automatically signed in again. hoping that someone can point out to me what im doing wrong! thanks guys :)
  3. having issues with my other avatar since last night unable to log into dashboard, forum or marketplace BUT can log into Second Life my password is fine, this is the message i get: An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log. (I have no idea where to find that - ive used search but there appears to be no file named server log.) What i tried - without success so far: clear browser caches used alternative browser (mozilla firefox and google chrome) I have submitted a ticket using this account. Does anyone have any other advice for me please?
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