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  1. I have same issues for 5 years now. I cannot stay online more than 5 minits on a place where there is 5 avatars or more. Some told me i have a script on my avie. May be from my ex partner. My sl name is Briana Sirbu
  2. I have a 10 year Asus laptop with Core duo and Nvidia GT320, works good, but i still memory issues sometimes. I have tried Alchemy, it is based on Second Life Viewer, which for me as a hostess its really hard to use, not mentioning the lag. It's not Lindens fault lol, i need a new laptop:)).But yes, i strive to find a better bento viewer. I used Singularity for long time and now i am using Singularity Alpha for bento, but i wear my classic avie most of the time. So it's okay. For bento mesh and body... its very laggy. I personally wouldn't go for a browser to rule Second Life, i think it's outside the security provided by LindenLab, so i wouldn't go for it.
  3. You can choose how your home will like from the website, and you can choose a specific home as you like. There is allways support for linden homes. Also you can find more help here: http://www.lindenlab.com/contact
  4. Well thank you, but lemme tell you one thing. Since the body meshes were introduced the lag increased and when you go to a venue being normal avie you can see at first: parts of avies, either hair, foot, hand and so on and untill they rezz fully, it takes a while and rezzing them, makes my notebook running slow, and my experience in sl is worse. But since firestorm has updated to the newest Phoenix-Firestorm-Release-4-7-9-50527, people are now jelly shadows, which is much better, since my notebook doesn't need to work too much to render all impostors... Here is the site: http://www.firestormviewer.org/ All my best Briana Sirbu
  5. I do not know. But when i had my 2005 pc with windows XP, i could enter with Snowglobe or Radegast. Radegast has two options: with 3D or without 3D. Of coursed i used without 3D. Perhaps it can work for Mac too. For more viewers check here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory There are also illegal viewers but please do not use them. They contain illegal action and they act against Linden Labs TOS. Please respect CONTENT CREATORS!. All they do is to work so we can evolve and look better, walk better, have the prettyest houses and so on... in Second Life. I hope my answear helped you a little bit. Anyways, Lindens Lab allways try to make SL a better world, as you can see from this blog: http://blog.zoha-islands.com/breaking-news-second-life-2-in-2016/ https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Glogetting-support-for-Third-Party-Viewers/ta-p/1667117 Have a wonderful experience! Love, peace and music Bri
  6. The heck, oo yess all helpers course they run for LL help, making lobby, but not help SL users. The more they do, the less good experience i get. My major complain: who the hell brough mesh to sl? How manny people or creators, even creator who play with templates made by others know how much lagg a mesh can add to SL? I've been in SL for over 6 years, and to be honest im happy with what i have achieved. Not being welthy... lol Thou, even we seem to upgrade, to me its a sorta downgrade, more lagg, more issues and bugs and glitches... Yes windlight is lovely, my graphic card its not recocnized by sl, my fault... so because Lindens does not recocnize NVidia, i have issues with my only 2 year notebook. The ones complaining that people has old computers, i tell you one thing: if computers would be as cheap as the +period they live, everything would be perfect, but right now, there are people, who does live or not in USA, who cannot afford to buy a new one every 2-3 years. So back off. You helpers, who have reached a level, better plead for users and not LL employees....
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