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  1. @ Kim Linden ....we are testing a number of approaches to bring new users closer to the richness of our virtual world.... Is this a way of saying: "We don't want our current users and paying customers to have a FAST, EASY and FUN time anymore, so we are offering you this in hopes that the older SLers will leave and or not pay us anymore becuase they complain to much and we really don't have the support or the time to listen to them and we also hope that this is a way to lesson the stress on 150 Linden Labs Employees. Thank you for using Second Life." Or is that a sublte way of slapping all of us "Oldies" in the face and showing that Linden Labs in fact, does not listen to it's customers / users? Which is this? Personally. I take offense of that comment and, just know, there is a better way of putting that that statement. Of course, I'm not a Linden either, but we pay our dues. No offense, of course, just something that may need to be looked at (wording) with all the different ranges of feelings towards Linden Labs now days. And fears with the economy and all. ya know
  2. OMG! I hate this CMS forum! Dont people bring predictable events up such as this in internal meetings beforehand? Just looking at Wallace's Inwolrd Profile, first line in the About is: "Conversation Manager" Scary huh?!
  3. the 'cloud' where the owners of those machines are going to want to be paid for it. HAHAAH... Maybe that's why no one can get in anymore. Linden Labs ran out of money to pay GAIKAI for all the bandwidth and boxes So funny... just thought of that
  4. Well. I got the Email and tried this. Got the Email bar and entered my email (same one that I use for SL) and got directed right back to the video page. Tried again after deleting cookies and got the JOIN NOW button. Go figure with LL. Question(s) that I have it like most on here. 1 - Why in the hell does LL make more crap to break than fix the current issues at hand. 2 - Why make something like this when LL cannot even listen to the current users when they say that they DO listen? 3 - Why even put an apple in front of the horse? 4 - Does LL really want to lose even MORE customers? Fix older things first and stop with all this nonsense useless crap that Lindens dream up. 5 - Does LL even have a "Management" team anymore? Doesn't seem so with things like this. (See #1) Basically... I can care less about being able to log in or not. One of the main reasons why I am so hasty towards LL now is that I am tired of logging into SL and dealing with crap that LL hasn't fixed and said they listened to their customers/users. More lies! I agree with Wayfinder and a few others on this. Fix what needs to be fixed BEFORE adding more crap to be broken later. Fix it, stabilize it and then stabilize it again, then ship it! Don't "tinker" with things. Stop the foolish "patches" and fix things! REALLY fix them this time. I think that all seasoned SLers KNOW that Linden Labs has less employees now and that causes more workload for others, But. Come on. When is enough, enough?! Take your medicine and admit your mistakes and more so than not, people see that as a strength, NOT a weakness! The way its been going with Linden Labs, IS a weakness! Just my two cents worth in this whole stringy mess! Signed: Disgruntled Second Life User Avination User!
  5. ACUALLY... setting NO Trans on a sculptie MAP will retain that NO TRANSFER status when applied to a Sculpted prim. If you set the Sculpted MAP to No Tranfer and then send it to your friend/alt and have them apply it, the prim becomes NO TRANS automatically regardless of the Prim Permissions. Yes, it is YOUR prim, but, but you used a NO Trans MAP on it. To use No Transfer Sculptie MAPS (and I might miss a few steps since it's been awhile). 1) rez a prim 2) change it to Sculpted Build type 3) Drag and drop the MAP onto the prim (just as you would a texture) 3a) Doesnt matter if it's alpha or not, SL reads alpha as a texture. 4) Edit that prim (with the MAP as the texture) and SHIFT+DRAG (to make a copy) 5) Goto the OBJECT tab and click the Sculptie SWATCH (big window) 6) Click on the Eyedropper 7) LEFT click on the Prim that you applied the NO TRANS MAP on. Stand back and watch the magic! Hope this helps @Nyll Actually, you're wrong, but we will NOT dwell on drama. People pay good money for no trans textures and use on their own builds (houses, malls, things that are **NOT** for sale). I know -I- do and will continue to do so. I -respect- those that spend the time making them and not to mention the years of expereince that they may or may not have! Hope this helps
  6. I am going to add a comment here since it was posted here as well with a url to Lil's post. And Will make a comment there as well after here. As you can see on the http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ link, we only had 13 minutes to save our builds and works. This needs to improve and give more time as in the past (week to weekS) for notices. Bad idea to JUST spring it on us like this in less than 13 minutes! You WANT us to lose content??????????????
  7. So. Like. Where is the Party going to be? You know.. the Selling party? Or is that the "Welcome, . The new buyer of to Linden Labs/SL!" ?
  8. Hi Viper, 1) You can set permission to texture before you apply them, yes. I have not noticed that when you do, that they will effect the permissions on the build. 2) You can link all pieces together and then set permissons for the whole "link-set", or you can do them one at a time. However, one at a time would take a long time to do if you have 256 (max) prims to link. Also, you can however set the permission on the first rezzed prim to your choosing and then make copies (shift+drag) and that prim and the next prim (and so on) will retain those permisions as the one that you DRAG is the first one dropped/rezzed. Hope this helps Edited because I had it in html mode, and lines ran together, ugh!
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