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  1. I'm using Blender 2492 and using the process laid out in this tutorial. In the past I have been able to upload mesh but now I am having to give it 5-6 tries before it even uploads, and then the rigging isn't working. As in, it isn't rigged at all. So, in The Case Of The Oversized Bloomers, when I go to wear them, it is just an oversized set of mesh bloomers attached to my hand like a newb cube. I am using the current official SL viewer. Is there some glitch going on, or am I completely just messing this up somewhere in the process?
  2. All I am finding is various costume catagories, which is fine, Mardi Gras and Showgirl Costumes135 Mermaid Costumes211 Other Women's Costumes269 Schoolgirl Costumes43 Witch Costumes35 Women's Anime and Fairytale Costumes44 Women's Christmas Apparel157 Women's Cultural Costumes528 Women's Fairy Costumes187 Women's Fantasy and Medieval Costumes2173 Women's Goth Costumes783 Women's Heaven and Hell Costumes38 Women's Independence Day Apparel16 Women's Latex and BDSM Costumes592 Women's Pirate Costumes59 Women's SciFi Costumes248 Women's Silks432 Women's St. Patrick's Day Costumes12 Women's Uniforms108 Women's Valentine's Costumes24 Women's Vintage Costumes But no Halloween specific. Only curious because where does one put a pumpkin ballgown for holiday release only? Other costumes would work, I just was hoping there might be some obscure way to find the Halloween catagory that I'd missed.
  3. I'm just curious to see if anyone has spotted any posts or notices as to whether or not LL is doing any special halloween promos on the marketplace. Thanks!
  4. No, not against the TOS, and not abuse. If you use the gender of your avatar (male or female) to dishonest ends, that also isn't against the TOS, but is definately not okay. The really amazing thing, to my mind, is that since we can be anything or any gender, our real person shows through more. That isn't to say that if you use a female av, you are either affeminate or a perv, there are sooooo many other reasons (the ability to find clothing is a good one), but it does say something about you. Don't worry, it's probably good
  5. Okay, I haven't hand an honest to God soda through the nose moment in a LOOOOONG time, Thank you for that!
  6. Okay, THAT was stinkin' funny! Thank you for posting it
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