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  1. Was a great community and place for a very long time! Great faire to end it all with
  2. The Isle of Dee's opening celebration of Mount Belle is coming to close, and we could think of no better way to wrap it up then listening to the sweet stylings of Jon Larson live in concert! Join us as we wrap up a great weekend and listen to one of second life's great singers! July 20th, 2pm SLT Isle of Dee: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zebre/12/61/33
  3. \i have a homestead in an rp enviroment that up till a few weeks ago ran like a dream.. I have been a sim builder for many years, know the tricks, build my own things using limited texture pallets, limited scripts, keep free prims for sim preformance, careful terraining to help draw distance ect ect... and now we lag spike so bad that we cant walk or move or sometime even tp in. the sim crashes.. and am loosing traffic ;( I wish they would at least respond to pleas of those paying so much for teirs
  4. Some of the replies have been insightful, while others are a waste of space. But i will thank those who gave positive and informitive replies. I wouldnt be active this long if i didnt think LL was making advances in the net worth being a part of... I will look forward to the day it runs smoothly
  5. I have been enjoying, for the most part, Second life for over 4 years now... and I dont know what it is the fine Lindens are doing but in the past 6 months i would say SL has gotton far worse then it ever was! I remember the days of bad sim crossing, of crashing regualrily, or things getting attached to my bottom.... but many of those things were caused by a slower computer i had and since been fixed with a top line graphics card and better sytem... but now i crash on tps, i cant attach things some days, textures wont rezz on otehr days and the lag! OMG!! what ever it is you are doing lindens... please STOP!!
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