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  1. FIrst off I am no techy.. IE why I am posting the question. So please helps!!!! I posted what I think is the information you would need to help me buh if you need more info..please let me know! So I am about to purchase a desktop. I currently am using an ASUS laptop. Windows 7,Processor :Pentium (R) dual core CPU,T4400 @2.0 GHz Things I currently use my PC for : I mainly play SL and on occassionly play Sims 3. I am multi tasker so I often have web browers open ( facebook, youtube, gmail) and photoshop too. I also like to stream things like Hulu and netflix. Things I'd like to do with my future
  2. Of Course I remeber Balto We had a blast together! I'm glad he's found a happy home SL is a small world . Give him a big hug and tell him Hello for me
  3. I know Isl of Sul does RP classes. And serveral different levels. I am not completely sure what genre of RP they do there but I talked to a couple of the teachers/admins as well as attended a class or two and everyone there is super helpful. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Island%20of%20Wind/113/124/1001 Also you may want to join a few RP groups in world.A lot of sims adertise rp classes or forums and different events. A couple I'm apart of are below. But there are tons! Hope this helps. ♥Victoria secondlife:///app/group/25cba41e-9bfa-59ad-bd96-69df7f8ba3f1/about secondlif
  4. I just spoken with them. They seem like a great couple but our styles of roleplay didnt match. So if there any families out there that maybe interested in getting to know me. I'm still available..send me a message ..or IM. THANKS! ♥ Victoria
  5. Hi! I was unable to locate your username in world
  6. I tried searching for them in world. No such luck when I looked up "SearchAlt resident"
  7. Hello All!!!! I'm 7 years old looking for a family. I love to roleplay and I'm comfortable with semi/para style . I like to emote what I am doing not just let the animations do the work for me. I'm looking for a family that likes do the same. I also like to relax and jus be silly. So a good mixture of both.My adoption card info is below. I have panels at NGI & MAW or you can jus contact me here or inworld. THANKS!!! ♥ Victoria Squall ABOUT YOU How long have you been a child avatar? ✿For quite awhile now. What kinds of things do you enjoy doing in SL? ✿I love to roleplay. I attend school,
  8. Hi All!Has anyone seen any roleplay gymnastics classes around SL? If not would anyone be interested in teaching one? I did a quick search in world and asked a few friends and found nothing. So I'm thinking if I can't find one maybe open a small studio. But I would like to take the classes not teach them. Thanks Victoria
  9. Well if i could make clothes I would. but alas my only SL talent is uploading Lindens and supporting people who can make clothing
  10. Hi So most of the adult mesh clothing I see are kinda busty and super curvy.. Dose anyone know of any deisgners that make clothing with little to no boobs and minmal curves?
  11. Well I guess what I am try to ask is, Qhat would the classes be called so that I can look into in my area. The repsonse I was hoping to gain were more along the line of... Oh yes I took this class(insert course name here) and i thought it was helpful with learning mesh. Hope this helps explain exactly what I am asking
  12. Are there real life classes that I can take to learn how to make mesh like a community college or so somthing?Somthing that would teach me how to use the 3D software programs?
  13. Hi Puchiko, I don't really care what things your into in SL. I'm not judgmental in that sorta thing.My parents has a D/s relationship, but they don't part take in that activity in front of me. What was trying to say was I'm a kid avie so I need to follow certain TOS rules. So I just wanted to make that clear that when interaction with me and my family it will always be strictly PG. When reading your profile, I only saw a human and no signs of being a domesticated family pet, which prompted my clarification.I'm an adult behind the avi so I'm fully aware of" pets" and just wanted to make sure y
  14. I guess I should clerify. I roleplay the age of 8. So all inquires would have to be of the PG nature...Nothing else.
  15. Hi there, I am 8 years old in SL terms. Looking of realistic roleplaying pet. My family does a lot para to semi para roleplaying.But we have a lot downtown and real time too.I would prefer to pet that stayed in character most of the time,emoting and reacting to what's going on. I would love a pet to be come my best friend one that I could care for and protect and that would protect me. We do realistic family roleplay so fantasy pets wouldn't work, but I would love a cat, dog, pony, or bird. And maybe a few others inbetween. So yeah that's it. Contact me in world or leave a comment below for m
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