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  1. Thanks for your input Yeah there are a lot of golddiggers out there. It is just a big turn-on for me to buy gifts for my wife. Especially clothes and toys she will use with her lovers. A true cuckoldress will know how this works. So I mention it now. Anyway I found someone I am building a relationship now so we hope it works out
  2. It was not a full number in that reply Anyway, I dont want to call someone. I want to meet her in world.
  3. I try again to connect. I am looking for a possible long term relationship. Only long term real relationship. No casual RP. What I offer: Time: I will devote all my online time to develope a relationship. Get to know you really well Experience: I have experience in long term relationship. It is so wonderful to have one person to come to year after year. To love and feel loved. My avatar: I have a decent avatar. I am also willing to change (within reason) if you like me to look otherwise. ( I look differnt than my picture here) Money: I like to take care of my woman and I will see to that your financial needs is covered. Top quality avatar, top quality clothes and a big house. Love: I am very emotional. I feel a lot and I will develope feelings for you if we fit each other. You will notice and feel my emotions and hopefully like it. Me: I will be only yours in my heart. I only want to belong to one woman and give all of my body, heart and soul to her. I have only one avatar and SL is my only virtual reality. RL: I will share my feelings in RL with you. Important things that will let you get to know me better.And I will never be away for days without letting you know the reason. What I look for: Time: I want you to devote all your online time to develope our relationship, atelast in the beginning. Avatar: You do not need to have an awesome avatar, but you need to be willing to change to a beautiful looking woman. Trust: To build this kind of relationship I am looking for there has to be trust and complete openess. You need to share with me what you want and need. Never lie and tell me everything. Love: Yes eventually I want you to fall in love with me. RL: I need to know a little bit. If you are going to be away for a long time. Timezone etc. Just basic stuff so I can adjust to you. The relationship: If you made is this far and seen the title you might be a cuckoldress. I am a Cuck at heart and can only have this kind of relationship. This is my experience from before. I miss it and love it so much. I been told I am different than others because I am not a slave, sub or Domme and I also want to have sex with my wife.....A lot. I want to develope a relationship on equal terms. It is very important that we develope this together. Too many times I started a relationship with a woman but ended up with her running around with lovers as soon as I log off and then nothing with me. You do not need to have experience, we can build this together. If you find this interresting so send me a message. Here or inworld. If you contact me inworld I can give you a notecard with my turn-ons and turn-offs. And if you still are interrested, we can talk XXOOXX
  4. As the title says I am looking for a wife. You have to be open to cuckold me, if you are keep reading I am a man living in Norway. My timezone is GMT +1 (SLT +9) I have 3882 days. About me: I am a man living in Norway. 3882 days old in SL. My timezone is: GMT +1 (SLT +9) Looking for a wife to spend time with. My online times is flexible. We can enjoy eachother and have fun together. I am easygoing and dramafree. I can do voice if you want but it is not required. Oh...the cuckold thing? I like my wife to have sex with others, some humiliation. But this we can explore together. Just send me an im if you want to find out more.
  5. Ok dear I will look for you in world so we can talk some more
  6. Well sex adventures is good. See you in world
  7. Hell yes Having a pornstar for a wife. What a dream
  8. Callum is correct, very good answer. I have 10 years in SL and several of those in this kind of relationship with the same woman. Thats why I know I love this and want it again. The correct way is to find a wife like normal people and then add the cheating thing. My hope is that this is faster.
  9. Thank you for your questions. I want husband time too, like a regular marriage. Just with the cheating kink. I also want her to enjoy to show herself with others, and enjoy the others. She can choose the men herself, I don't care as long as she is enjoying herself. I feel cuckolding is too slave like, where i can never have sex with my wife and only is her slave. I am not into that right now.
  10. So I decided to make a new post since my last one was so vague and poorly written. So I am looking for a wife, but a little special kind of wife. You have to be open to the idea of cheating on me, let me watch while you cheat. I will rent a house for us where you can take men and enjoy them in our bed, with or without me. When I am alone I enjoy go shopping for sexy clothes that you will wear with your lover. There is a lot more of this, but we can talk of that in SL. If this sounds exciting to you, please contact me here or in SL About me. My timezone is GMT +1 I am an honest, caring and full of humour. I have over 10 years in SL. I am open minded and never judge anyone. I am up for anything and love to enjoy life. Hugs and kisses, see you in SL Engman Hancroft
  11. I got all happy when I saw the notification, thinking I got another reply from another wonderful woman. Then I log in and see you only trolling me. Well atleast that made you happy today i guess.
  12. Yes thank you. I realized they I already is a member of several cuckold groups. I posted there and got in contact with a few wonderful ladies On to new adventures!
  13. Yes thank you. It sometimes turn into swinging also I search every day
  14. Oops sorry. I did not know that. I change right now. Thanks for the warning
  15. So many responses, very nice. But I still look. I have almost 11 years in SL. I been around for a while. I had this relationship for years before. Best time of my SL life. It is a really exciting feeling to build a relationship with a woman, get a connection. Then when you see her dress sexy for other men to disire her. And when you both ready you get to watch her enjoy another man, after they finish she return to you, still with his smell and fluids. Go out and shop sexy clothes for her that you know she will wear with her lover. It is not only for the man to jerk off when she have sex, she have to enjoy it too, that is the excitement. This can also be built on in so many levels with groupsex, swinging, humiliation and so on.... So I know many will not understand this, but I keep my hope up and keep looking
  16. Europe and USA it is common as far as I know. We are perverts
  17. Yes a lot of exciting this to do in SL that might not want to do in RL. However it is thing in RL too, the cuckolding. My first post was a little short but my idea was that any woman that would find this interesting could contact me in SL and we could meet and talk about it. Call it dating too se if we had the chemistry to develop an relationship. I believe there are women in SL looking for a husband. Here she would get a loving caring husband with all the naughty stuff too
  18. I am glad you think so. I was in a relationship like that in SL for several years. Best time I ever had.
  19. Well I would not call it "get used" but yes I look for a wife that will enjoy sex with other men.
  20. To be honest I don`t know the difference between those 2. A cuckoldress is a woman that cuckold her husband or boyfriend.
  21. I understand why some people will not understand. But if I find a girl that want to build a relationship with me. I will know if this person is a male in RL. I want to avoid that by stating it in my post here.
  22. Yes some like to be humilated. I am not like that, but watch her have sex with a well built man of any color is exciting
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