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  1. Maestro, there is nothing on the Grid Status Page about the Wednesday Release Channel Grid Roll though it is on the Twitter Grid Status feed. Things do seem a little confused.
  2. Maestro, There is also another bug that I presume is being caused by changes to the Interest list. This one has similarities to the animation problem and seems easily reproducable. 1) UserA & B are standing beside a tp pad on the ground with a second pad on a platform at altitude and a 3rd pad somewhere else at ground level in the sim 2) UserA is looking at UserB but not with cam locked on B. UserB teleports to the pad on the platform 3) UserA still sees UserB on the tp pad at ground level and UserA's mini map still shows UserB's icon as on the ground. UserB's viewer show them arrive on the platform. 3) UserB walks around on the platform, User A see's B's legs move but B doesn't move from pad. 4) UserA cams away until tp pad is out of draw distance then cams back in and UserB is gone. This happens at ground level too and on Firestorm, Official Beta Viewer and the Main Viewer.
  3. Maestro, any news as to when the current serious problems with sim crossings caused by last weeks Grid Roll are going to be fixed?
  4. Did I miss something in Oskar's latest reply where he says this only affects Magnum? I thought it affected all release channels because it affects u if u look into a Magnum region no matter what code the sim u are in is running? Am I wrong about this?
  5. I have just visited Nantucket Yacht Club and flown south into the next sim - Blake Sea - Atlantic - and can confirm Blake Sea - Atlantic is now on Magnum RC code. Edited to add this - I see from the map that it's not too bad, can still sail north then east then south and exit into Blake Sea - Galile providing that, too, isn't on Magnum RC! Of course, a Linden Protected sim being added to the West of Nantucket would fill in a gap and provide a third exit for Nantucket sailors!
  6. Grid Status page shows "RC Magnum Server Channel Rolling Restart" for Thursday July 25th. Does this mean a roll back of the code on RC Magnum?
  7. It seems to become borked when u order by price and there are an awful lot of wrong pictures attached to items:( Will try and go through and identify merchants later.
  8. I was doing a simple search on Marketplace just now. Apparel - Womens - Womens Costumes - Women's Fantasy and Medieval Costumes. Then I asked Marketplace to sort by price from lowest to highest. At that point Marketplace seemed to lose the plot, none of the items on the page had prices and some of pictures definitely did not belong with the items they were attached to. When I tried to go to full description of an item the page refused to load, Firefox tab just kept saying Connecting. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has the same result with same search and does this mean Commerce Teams fixes have broken?
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