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  1. Finally got around to putting together my fantasy home. I had the help of a lovely friend I did not do much in the back and I put a sunroom in where the patio should be. The home backs up to one of the rivers that runs through Gwynneth Brook.
  2. Amazing!! I have been struggling with coming up with anything to do with mine yet. I was worried about going too modern in this theme, but now I see it can be done!
  3. You will usually find me wandering my neighborhood looking at what neighbors have done with their homes. I often take my horse out and ride around. Boating too if I find a good spot to launch from.
  4. Spell versions? What am I missing out on? Lol am I that out of the loop? 🤣
  5. I need a designer LOL I still haven't done anything with it. Too lazy. 🤣
  6. Although I said I wouldn't switch to a fantasy home, here we are lol. Snagged this beauty in Gwynneth Brook that backs up onto one of the rivers that runs through the sim. This will be my keeper, 2nd try. Ill post more pics once its decorated.
  7. Glad you enjoyed this for 8 months. I had it before you after it was first released right before you. Loved that spot. Hopefully someone will enjoy it as much as we did.. Edited to add pictures of it when I had it!
  8. Haha it does look like that at first glance. That would be kind of fitting as well lol. Thank you!
  9. It has been a few months since I have had a home in Bellisseria. I picked up a OL stilt the other week and am in love. I previously had an on water stilt, but didn't seem to like it much. I previously had the Tortuga, but this time around I went with the Havana because I did not want to deal with the two HUGE rooms.
  10. Mainland FOR SALE! 4,096m2 1406 Prims L$42,000 Protected Alpine Byway Route 1 roadside snowland on the Sansara Continent! Rare and beautiful snowy neighborhood, close to world class skiing and Lake Zermatt! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Verbier/150/72/173
  11. I saw that shell you have on it. It looks great! I was tempted to grab one off the MP. I love what they make for our Bellisseria homes!
  12. Howdy Neighbor! I live in Capn Billy too! It is beautiful!
  13. Hi! Oh my gosh, you live right behind me! Your home is so cute! I love the Macaw bird by the front door!
  14. Thank you! It was a struggle for me at first. It took me a few hours to finally decide on where to put certain "areas" of the home.
  15. Here is my over water Tortuga in Capn Billy. I am quite enjoying the Stilts. I love seeing what everyone is doing with theirs! I am pretty much out of prims! 😑
  16. I live in Capn Billy too!! On the water, very pretty!
  17. I used to own the one in Traderest when the region was first released. Loved it. Kept it for a little while. Hope you enjoyed it.
  18. My home on the protected Alpine Byway on the Sansara continent. I love this area of the mainland. The Verbier Rez Zone is right in front of my drive way.
  19. I wear glasses in RL so it was just natural for me to have my avatar wear glasses full time in SL.
  20. You are my neighbor across the water! I am in Traderest. In the blue Overlook directly in back of you on the other side of that peninsula. I was wondering who would finally get that plot once it was released! Glad to see it went to someone else active on the forums! Enjoy it, this area is one of my favorites! We have a dream location, right by that Rez Zone in Crimpstile. I use it to Rez my horse and enjoy the scenery.
  21. Yes that's the one. I have it too in my overlook. I love it.
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