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  1. You are my neighbor across the water! I am in Traderest. In the blue Overlook directly in back of you on the other side of that peninsula. I was wondering who would finally get that plot once it was released! Glad to see it went to someone else active on the forums! Enjoy it, this area is one of my favorites! We have a dream location, right by that Rez Zone in Crimpstile. I use it to Rez my horse and enjoy the scenery.
  2. Yes that's the one. I have it too in my overlook. I love it.
  3. I have my cabin in Traderest as well! Mine is on the water however. Howdy neighbor. I love that view in your backyard! I hope they do something spectacular with the open space behind you.
  4. Thank you! @Laurelrose Anthony It is from Trompe Loeil, its called Marceline Dining Table and chairs (I believe you have to purchase them separately).
  5. My lovely Cabin in Traderest. Quartz Mole fixed the double house bug and I have been able to do some decorating!
  6. I have yet to be able to decorate my Log Home due to the double house rezzing bug. I have submitted a ticket and messaged Quartz Mole, but they were not online. However, here are some pics of the gorgeous spot I got lucky enough to snag on my second try. It has two sides of water which includes water in front and a rez site off to the side of the water along with a cute log sitting cove. No direct dirt path way to the home so it feels very private. Here are some pics, don't mind the double home lol. Located in Traderest. https://gyazo.com/91c0e67d3c0e1174fcc5daf5049763ed https://gyazo.com/0147c999a9395b769aac52eda6da8c4d https://gyazo.com/04fc28f04eddb7eb3e4d3ea786720e2b https://gyazo.com/8a54f07468dad0ce0e395f83196df81f https://gyazo.com/b6e974fa09717013a183615352cb4043 https://gyazo.com/e3f39c4923e4bda65c508061151c5d90 https://gyazo.com/64094b9a730ece1e948c80336f0b0093
  7. This has happened to me too in Traderest. The moles are rarely on when I am so I have filed a ticket.
  8. Good tip. I'll check mine next time I log on. You would think they would reset stuff like that.
  9. I've had this happen. Someone changed my bathroom set to bright yellow. Found the permission setting in the menu and it hasn't been an issue since.
  10. I think mine may be too.
  11. Could be. I use a visitor counter log that I found waaaaay back in 2005 lol. Still works too. Every day when I log in, I check the log to see if anyone was there while I was away. It gives me the full name of any avatar that came within range. Maybe there is something on the marketplace like this that you can use?
  12. Hahahaha Happy Rez day. My 15th rez day is in July 😳 Congrats on the beautiful plot! Driveway envy for sure! even if someone drives into your front door lol
  13. Now that I have had some time to put some plants, walkways, shutters and a chimney in, here are the some pictures! I picked this up by chance late last night around 11PM SLT. Nice corner lot in Morgall, steps away from the beach. My first Linden home, I think I got lucky. Those last two are a view from the upper floor, and a view from the beach to show proximity.
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