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  1. Lol I had to search high and low for this one.
  2. First off I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read my post. Full avatar name: Rong Hax Nickname: Nudge SL Member for: 6y 5m RL age: 21 I'm very friendly and energetic, love helping others, Expert emoting skills, customer service skills inworld and RW. I'm hard working and reliable. I will provide anymore information that is needed for your company/business, just drop me a message, always willing to do a personal interview if needed just give me the dress code and I'll be there. My prefered jobs: Dancer Model Host Customer sevice rep Security I am open to be trained because
  3. Hi, Sorry if the heading was a little off, I wanted to make sure it was clear. I'm looking to start a new clothing store and was looking for some help someone who can make clothes as well as partner, I wanted to first start off small with like a small store/Vender booth or rented space. We discuss the style and location. Is there anyone that is interested?
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