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  1. Build your own private custom skyhome with 1100 LI for L$1500/wk 64 x 64, 4096sqm platforms at varying heights for increased privacy. Adult rated private region - means less lag and more privacy than Mainland. Strictly residential area. No Clubs, No Malls, No shops. Lower Traffic, lower Lag, More Privacy. Community Area on the Ground (Beachside Bonfire and Lagoon with Mermaid Basking Rocks) Come check it out! SL Map URL Message me in world for questions and details. Mau Jaxa
  2. Property reclaimed. Sale is over. Thank you for your interest.
  3.  Full Private Region, no neighboring islands. Currently set to Adult Tier due date is the 28th Asking $500 OBO to paypal account Contact Mau Jaxa Or post reply here.
  4. Leather, Lace & Latex Beauty Pageant hosted by the Omni Tower of Fate City in the Birdcage VIP LoungeEvent starts at 6pm SLT on Wednesday, October 5th and is expected to last 2 to 3 hours.Here is the Taxi: Fate City Taxi ServiceThis is a Roleplay Event at the City of Fate, Multi-Genre, Adult Horror, Semi-Para RP Sim. The purpose of this event is to bring together para and semi-para RPers who share a fetish for Leather, Lace and Latex fashion. All species and genders are encouraged to compete or attend. Fate City is friendly to adults of any world, dimension, realm, planet, etc. The winner will be crowned Fate City's Fetish Fashion Queen and also receives a cash prize of RP money. We are not offering a L$ value prize because we want to dissuade people who are not Para or Semi para Rpers from competing just for the prize. Contestants will need an outfit in each of the different categories, Latex, Lace and Leather. They must be able to stay for the entire event and enroll in the contest no later than Monday Oct 3rd by Midnight. Each contestant will be judged on a point system by our "celebrity" judges: Samantha Yiyuan, Mayor of Fate CityReverend Mother Kalsyndra, Leader of the Red Sect of the Free Faith and Wellness TowerTo Be AnnouncedEach outfit will be rated on a point system in the following criteria: Fit (how well the clothing fits)Expression (how much the outfit "speaks" to the judge)Appearance (how attractive the whole ensemble is).This will NOT be a popularity contest. If you are ready to enroll, send an IM to me, Mau Jaxa and I will get your information for our pageant roster. If you just want to come meet others with a similar fetish, feel free to show up IC and join the RP!
  5. I already puchased a private region for my roleplay sim. I am a premium account and have a 512 home on Linden Mainland. I see where I can pay 195/mo for a full region, but I think it's Mainland. Can I apply that discount to my private region instead, since I own the region? If so, how do I apply it to my tier?
  6. The Hooch House biker bar in City of Fate (Multi-Genre RP Sim) is looking for people to fill the following positions: Bouncers Bartenders Drink Servers (waitresses) Pole Dancers (strippers) Lap Dancers (hookers) ((This is for Roleplay, not L$. This is not an SL job. This is for those who want to RP doing a job at a RolePlay sim. There are no shifts, no minimum number of hours, etc. The sim has a dice hud and combat rules, but these are OPTIONAL. Free Form is allowed, and you don't have to mess with the dice unless you want to. Those willing to use dice will have first pick on Bouncer positions.)) If you'd like to work at the best biker bar in Fate City, please contact the owner, Khyr Blackheart for an interview. Or you can come to the bar directly. Click Here.
  7. City of Fate is looking for ambitious and organized people eager to play significant roles in our storyline. Check out our website for our storyline and info: click here If this sounds like your kind of opportunity, come to the sim and get started! City of Fate or contact Mau Jaxa for more information.
  8. I forgot to mention that those who don't want to drive won't be restricted to cheering from the sidelines. The cars can carry passengers, so you can ride along and cheer your favorite driver on!
  9. City of Fate (Multi-Genre RP Sim) proudly presents its first major event this coming Friday, the 29th of January, 2016. Anyone may attend AND participate in the race! We'll start gathering on Back Street at 5pm SLT. We anticipate a number of races to be held. The winners of each race will race each other in a final race and the Grand Prize winner takes the pot! So what is the pot? It's a L$400 shopping spree at .:K:. Komotose Customs - Peel Lot. If you want to check out this shop ahead of time, these are the cars we'll be driving in the Rally. We will provide the race car on sim for the event, so you don't have to buy a car just to participate in the Rally. We hope to see you all there! It's gonna be awesome!
  10. Sorry about that, Tamara and anyone else who ran into this problem. I forgot to update the link after I moved the landing zone. It should be fixed now.
  11. Are you tired of Freeform RP that lacks any sort of structure? Not keen on Metered Combat that relies on mouse-clicking and aiming skill? Or bombarded by overdone rule systems that bog down RP? City of Fate is the answer! All genres and species welcome! Lycans and Sirens, Furries and Androids, Fairies and Aliens! Check out the website for more information! http://fate.gamerlaunch.com Or come take a walk, drive, flight or swim around the sim! City of Fate
  12. I'm in the process of building my sim, using a lot of mesh stuff, expensive well made stuff. A few days ago, we were having inventory issues, so I took a day off from building on my sim. Yesterday, I suddenly started having problems going through mesh items that never needed to be set to Phantom before. These are items that were built specifically to go thru. I've tried unlinking all pieces and changing individual pieces to Prim, None or Convex Hull and it doesn't work. the ONLY thing that works is setting them to Phantom which doesn't work with all aspects of my build. I have done a work around by deleting some pieces and replacing them with something else, but now I have a cavern that is all one piece that I can NOT work around. This is a core part of my environment. What is going on with mesh all of the sudden?
  13. I am greatly anticipating Sansar and putting all of my usual SL activities on hold while I wait and plot and plan and wait. Ahem. This may seem like a very minor question, but since Sansar is both a new platform to embrace new tech as well as a kind of redo of things past, here is what I want to know. I stopped reading questions and replies on about page six, so I hope these questions are fresh. Will Sansar have Groups? Will it be possible to get Groups with more than ten measely ranks? Is it really so hard to allow more than 10 ranks in a group, like is that a coding nightmare? I would even be willing to pay more to found a group with more ranks, or add more ranks to an existing group, rather than having to stack groups (Marketing Group, Builder Group, Renter Group, Mall Group, Club Group, etc.) to achieve all the tags I need for community coordination and management. If we get groups, can instances be limited to specific groups or group ranks? Will we still be able to manage location security without using scripted prim item security systems? Can instances/experiences be linked, like can I walk through a specific "portal" to appear in a new instance designated as the target experience? And I think this question was asked but I couldn't find the answer: If I create a beautiful experience and want to help recoup costs, can I place a number of cabins in my instance and rent them out? I guess I'm curious how current practices might be translated/transitioned into Sansar.
  14. I can't reduce the HUD attachments anymore than they already are. If it were that easy, I'd have done it already.
  15. The biggest key to running SL as opposed to say your basic MMO or other game, is that SL uses OpenGL instead of DirectX. Make sure you check your video drivers for OpenGL support.
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