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  1. Rolig Yes i saw it and it's set up now. At the time i wasn't sure if that was a fix so didn't do it. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the help Roligs link helped me out. I made it through the list with nothing until i got to this one Make a new temporary folder, and put into it a copy of your shape, skin, hair base, eyes. Then right click on the folder name and Replace Outfit (not Wear, that will not work). Now i'm back to normal...thanks again
  3. No sadly i don't. Anything i try to change ends up with "...wait for clothing to load" As i said i waited for about an hour with no luck. The clothing shows up in my inventory, but i can't wear it.
  4. Tried test character "Could not put on outfit The outfit folder contains no clothing, body parts, or attachments"
  5. Hello I was in game and my appearance was fine then Secondlife stuttered and now my avatar won't load properly. I pressed ctrl-alt-R and waiting an hour for clothes etc to load with no luck. I'm able to wear attachements, but cannot change my shape, skin, eyes or wear clothing at all TIA
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