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  1. Let me know if interested or drop by. Selling cheaper than i got it. 2048m at 2000$L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Corfeld/160/244/72
  2. $50 $60 later ok i think i have everything perfect yay!!!!.....6 months from now....OOO look at that!!!
  3. Not really a selfie, but it is a RAW picture. I'm at home in my wax on wax off car!! (Karate Kid)
  4. woohoo...think i got it now yay!!! Had to switch to Mesh eyes.
  5. Walking around like 'Where am I?' lol
  6. Still looking for the perfect location, pose and to actually look at the camera lol...*sigh*
  7. ....but it’s so boring though!!!
  8. I don’t mind it I usually am in RL too lol....just looking for different
  9. Would love to go shopping with you one day. Love the outfits. I need to break out of the girl next door look lol
  10. I’m half English does that count? Lived in Ipswich for the most part
  11. To much pink? Can never seem to get eyes to look forward. Any one know how?
  12. Well you’re still a good age. Some of older people like to run around looking like we’re 20something still 😆😆
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