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  1. My main needed a male on demand for pics so created me. Last name was Jestyr so being a Top Gun fan made my first name Viper....so Viper Jestyr. Once I was no longer needed I became my mains sister. Danielle my first name and Aurelia just sounds cute.
  2. I think i'm the only club girl here lol Love Exhale!!
  3. Wish I could find a guy that looks as good as me in SL too lol
  4. Let me know if interested or drop by. Selling cheaper than i got it. 2048m at 2000$L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Corfeld/160/244/72
  5. $50 $60 later ok i think i have everything perfect yay!!!!.....6 months from now....OOO look at that!!!
  6. Not really a selfie, but it is a RAW picture. I'm at home in my wax on wax off car!! (Karate Kid)
  7. woohoo...think i got it now yay!!! Had to switch to Mesh eyes.
  8. Walking around like 'Where am I?' lol
  9. Still looking for the perfect location, pose and to actually look at the camera lol...*sigh*
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