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  1. Hi! I supposed it had to do with either the region or the viewer. But ruled the viewer out because my friend uses a completely different version of it (not that it can’t be both). When it comes to the region, our home, we did get new neighbours and I’m wondering if anything on their land could be causing this. If this could be the case, would it be possible to check their land to see what is causing this problem? We’ve experienced slight lag as well which was never the case before. Also, would asking our landlord to do a region restart help any? Yeah, quite a lot of questions. But duri
  2. I have a general question about getting logged out of Second Life. While I’m aware of many, many changes happening with servers (and everything else), my question would be - Why the unhappy-face am I constantly getting logged out when these server rolls are not taking place? For the past two-three weeks, whenever I am at home dressing/editing, I randomly get logged out. When I login, everything I did is gone or was reverted back to its ‘factory setting’. I’m getting really irritated by this. Not to mention I lost a couple of items into the endless nothingness of never returness, seeing as
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