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  1. Aitui Boom Armidi Nanuk COCO Redgrave All I can think of, off the top of my head. And what do I think is missing from men's fashion? I answered that in another post but it's decent, fashionable shoes.
  2. Shoes! We want shoes! It's one of the hardest things to find for us men. Women have always been so well catered for in this dept. We don't all wear training shoes/sneakers or boots or clunky brogues with buckles (who wears those?) or whatever else passes for men's shoes in SL. It would be nice to have some variety and style. /rant :matte-motes-zipped:
  3. I agree with Ishtara, SL should always take a back seat to RL and I'm sure that the vast majority of well-adjusted individuals follow that view. This friend of yours should be happy for you. I do care about my SL friends but if push comes to shove, my RL family, friends and work take precedence. Anything else is unhealthy.
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