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  1. Hi folks! Just a reminder: If you are seeing any Marketplace objects unlisted, be sure to contact our Support team about it. The best method for a situation such as this is with a Support Ticket listing the objects you believe have been unlisted as well as the last time you saw them listed (if possible). Our Marketplace Team will look into that for you and can get back to you about the situation as soon as possible. Thanks! Keira Linden Supervisor, Support Operations
  2. Hi Yoko, I’m sorry to hear your friend is having difficulty accessing their account. I wanted to assure you and the rest of the community that missing a Premium payment will not cause you to immediately lose your ability to log in world. If you miss a payment, an email is sent to let you know that we had a problem with your account. Now, I will tell you that after many years in Concierge Support, I have found this email many, many times in residents’ spam folders so I always tell folks to make sure to check that folder and allow any emails from Linden Lab to bypass
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