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  1. you can also emote kissing in chat for RP. Two common ways are by typing *kiss* or /me kisses Fabio. (you can also go into detail describing the kiss here)
  2. Raygold Apartments has furnished a apartments for L$10/week. But you can't keep your own things rezzed there while you're out, because the apartments have no permanent existence when not in use. Rather a "new" apartment is created for you whenever you want to use one.
  3. I wonder if Linden realizes how awkward that question sounds?
  4. It's not hard once you get used to the layout, like any other site. Click on the Second Life logo near the upper left corner of this page. Click on "log in" on the next page. Sign in with your account name and password on the next next page The page after that is your dashboard. Your transaction history is filed under "Account." As for deciding which categories your questions should go under, just make your best guess.
  5. Hi Summer, There are other pregnancy systems such as Tantra and the Pooterbuilt system, but I don't know whether their approach to pregnancy simulation matches your criteria. Have you discussed your wants with YT Recreant, the creator of the Mama-Allpa system?
  6. It may depend on whether you have a new enough Mac. I can't use Viewer 2 with my TiBook either, so I still use version 1.23.x
  7. Well, Alady shapes and Gala skins are the most realistic I have tried, although I'm sure there are many more that I haven't tried. (btw, this reply is intended for the original asker. It seems I hit the wrong reply button.)
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